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Ideas for children 5 years old

If you still don't have the idea, we'll save you some awkward tips in the field!

Ideas for children 5 years old

Hop! Hop! Hop! tбrsasjбtйk

Djeco's board game brings you together and team spirit, which you can play with, even small and big. The goal is to get the shepherd, the sheep and the puppy to the claw before the wind takes the bridge. You can only lose here again!(picture:


Craz is a favorite, the lego that kids can really enjoy at this age. It's entertaining and we know it works great, so we can't go with it. For little kids, Elsa's market adventure, for little ones, a forest tractor is sure to get a lot of fun. (photo: (photo:

Magnetic data

The operation of the bedroom will fascinate your child at once, with the impression that the little rods and balls can carry anything (a ball, a ball, a pyramid, a skyscraper, etc.). And all of this improves his sanity, imagination and creativity, which he will soon need in school.(photo:


With these ball games, you are guaranteed to move your little ones' brain, as it doesn't matter how you knock the ball. Not only does it improve your creativity, it also gives you success when the hubbub is finally working. They also have a gear wheel that can move the ball to the starting position.(photo:


The net of babies' desires is arguably a dollhouse. And if you also have a spiral staircase and an elevator, you can revel in the forgotten cheering under the Christmas tree. However, it is important to choose a home that is durable and time-consuming - as far as possible. From the point of view of social and emotional development, the roles played in the small house are of paramount importance. Relieve tension, conflict in school, pain. In a nutshell: super awesome.(pictured by:

Bulletproof Shuttle

Guide the ball all the way along the selected path so that it doesn't fall into the holes. This little skill, skill game requires great concentration and perseverance, which you won't have to worry about when you start practicing for 5 years. Boys and girls, you will enjoy prbb!(pictured:

Table football

In order to benefit the boys, we need to show a classic elder favorite, table football. Any parent and grandfather of any age will enjoy the game! (picture:

Mandala is made from potty

A real mental retreat for babies (and even creative toddlers) is a beautiful mandala-making set. It improves concentration, civility, creativity, and it also has a calming effect. Ready prize money! (photo:

Magical thought reading

If your child has a bit of an interest in science or mystery, you will surely love this set. We only help you to read the instruction manual, and the light of our eyes can be the deceptive thought of a family and enchant everyone.(photo:

Book: Tales of Love, Friends - The World from All Countries

Don't let go of the evening storytelling! In this book you will find stories from all corners of the world that focus on love and friendship, and on which your child can learn a great deal. The Volume of the Fairy Tale, Yourself, The Fairy Tale, The Honesty, The Fairy Tale, The Fool - A continuation of your explorations of all the stars of the world.(photo:
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