Wildlife park with babies

If you wake up with a little diaper or diapers, it is important that you have a place in your destination where you can feed, breastfeed, diaper, and all in a clean, relaxed environment.

News from the Budakeszi Wildlife Park: with more amenities on offer, they have recently delivered a Baby - Mama room that satisfies every need!

Baby mama's bun shuffled beside the entrance

Parents who visit the wildlife park with their young children make up a significant proportion of visitors, so it is generally important to make them feel more comfortable during the trip. For this reason, with the little ones and their moms in mind, we have designed a non-exclusive breastfeeding room that can be used at home and where babies and moms can feel comfortable at home.

Such a thing!

At the same time, you can also make free use of camping strollers, which can help make walking easier. For small, large and medium-sized visitors, we recommend a theme garden site specifically for children, in addition to the zoo's website. Here the children can find not only games and funny stories, but also read about the actual news and animals of the wildlife park!