That's what a 1-3 year old kid should eat a day

If you are unsure how much your toddler should eat, read the Austrian dietician's recommendation by Susie Burrell.

That's what a 1-3 year old kid should eat a day

Most parents have been blessed with incredible children. The little one eats broccoli and eggs one day, but the other day you are willing to eat only blank rice and bananas - do you know the cookbook? In such cases, it is very easy to fall into the trap and make a myriad of teeth in order to finally eat something normal. One of the most important things every parent should know is that a toddler (1-3 years old) you need very little food. Unlike very fast paced babies, 1-3 year olds do not need as many calories as they often have to slow down their development. (25-30% of the calories you consume come from these extra snacks), so you simply aren't hungry when you're eating meat, fish, and greens.Otherwise, you need to think of your baby not in the day, but in the day one day they eat a lot of it well stocked small organizations, so the next day we can expect that they will barely drop. But let's see, ideally, what a daily menu of a 1-3-year-old outdoor exercise would look like.


Although it seems logical to wake up a little after waking up a bit after waking up, remember that this is one of the things you can do to refill your tummy, so first put breakfast on the table first. A 1-3 year old can have a great healthy option 2 tablespoons oatmeal with milk or natural yogurt. In the morning, especially hungry little ones can get half / whole fresh fruit or half a slice of wholemeal rubbing with avocado, or almond or cashew butter (if not allergic). An egg on a slice of roasting can be a very good, nourishing choice.


Of course, toddlers need some snacks among the cooks, but be aware that at least 2 hours between two changesto learn that you do not have to eat something all the time, and to feel when you are hungry for money. A great alternative to a dish is a small piece of cheese, 100 grams of natural yoghurt, a small jar of fresh fruit, maybe 1.5 deci of milk, or an old milk drink.


Your lunch is a great time to get greens and lettuce on your little yard. If your kid comes to chick / ovi, you are probably in some sort green warm food gets. If you are at home, you can give it a whole or half sandwich containing white (tuna, chicken, turkey or egg), which can be sliced ​​with some fresh vegetables (eg peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, sautéed). you want a warm meal of enough soap size, or maybe some dinner / lunch left over from yesterday. You can leave whatever you leave on that day for dinner or for the day. Occasionally, after lunch, you can treat it with some healthy food, but it is absolutely unnecessary and basically not necessary.


It is important that Snack Do not give too much food for your child or this meal, don't skip it too late (3-4 UR), as you will not eat anything at all, not surprisingly. In these cases, you may get some home-cooked seed or cheese crackers, half or a quarter of the sandwich left over from the lunch, or a little green with a little jar of humus or cream cheese. A snack is a great time to take a portion of the 1-2 pieces of green daily recommended at this age.


Many moms, as they want to please their baby after a full day of waking / ovi, tend to cook extra special or large portions of food for dinner, which of course the little one refuses to eat. It's the little kids simple food they like it (eg spaghetti bolognese, larded greens, sausage or a little slice with noodle salad) .For one 1-3 year olds, there is only 50-70 grams of cooked white and one half a piece of lettuce or green. Y'all, if you know that if your kid has eaten hot food in the ward / ovi at lunch time, he might be eating something for quite a bit at dinner. It could be a little slice of browning with a little cooked beans or an egg - when you like. It is true that you wait with milk until the end of dinner so that you do not live with it! If you also want dessert after dinner, do so only once or twice a week to avoid evening brunch. The sweetness may be a few tablespoons of yogurt with fruit, a small portion of yogurt ice cream or a glass of warm milk.

What to drink?

THE daily recommended 5-6 deci cows or milk drinks exclusively clean water there is a need for a child of witchcraft / kindergarten. Various fruit juices and smoothies have a high sugar and calorie content, so little kids don't need it.
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