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Stress during pregnancy can cause less personal disorder

If the mother is exposed to severe stress during her pregnancy, the risk of a child's subsequent personality disorder increases by about 10 percent.

The authors of a recent study in the British Journal of Psychiatry published more than 3,600 women asked about their deaths, if any, to a lesser or greater extent, reports BBC News.Stress During Pregnancy Can Cause Minor Personality Disorders (photo: iStock) The participants lived in the Helsinki area, and their children were born between 1975 and 1976. When the children were 30, they were examined and diagnosed with a history of personality disorder. There were forty cases where hospitalization was also required.The study concluded that severe stress during pregnancy may have a long-lasting effect on children. as if they were not affected by stress. Those who went through mild stress were exposed to such a high risk four times. The source of their mother's stress could have been more relationship, social or psychological problems.Personal dysfunction means that the patient's personality can make life difficult for himself and his environment: some are overly anxious, emotionally unstable or antisocial, and the symptoms are spread over a wide range. Scientists believe that one in twenty people suffers from personality disorder. These people are more likely to develop other mental disorders, including depression, alcohol or drug problems.
Upbringing, brain problems, and genetic heritage can play a role in the development, as with any mental illness.
It is unknown whether nцveli stress during the vбrandуssбg szemйlyisйgzavar kockбzatбt - can make the brain vйgbemenх vбltozбsok, цrцklйs or childhood hatу mбs tйnyezхk бllnak the hбttйrben.A kutatуk kiszыrni tried to egyйb tйnyezхket - tцbbek kцzцtt the vбrandуs nх pszichiбtriai betegsйgeit йs dohбnyzбsбt - to find out the role that stress itself plays during pregnancy.Research has shown childhood depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia stress during pregnancy.
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