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Goldsmith: What to Expect from a Doctor It is not worth delaying the exam!

If you suspect gold bullion, you can treat it at home for a while - especially if it does not cause more severe symptoms. But a medical examination is not worth the wait, as the findings are more difficult to cure. We are most afraid of proctolism.

What can we expect from the goldsmith exam?

We live in an enlightened age, but we are always afraid of the infections of the back, and the proktolуgus, ie a specialist in the treatment of his last illnesses is one of the most dreaded doctors to whom many turn to only when the trouble is great. However, it is worthwhile to show your blood vessels to your specialist as early as possible, as this can help prevent serious events. proctological examination it is worthwhile to find out who among our close family members had had gold, colorectal cancer, or endoplexy. We may be more genetically predisposed to certain diseases. Of course, it's worthwhile to collect our previous findings and before examination keep a diary for a few days. Having a better understanding of our habits can mean that your doctor can give you better advice. He will certainly ask us about our eating and eating habits, about the symptoms we are taking, and about the symptoms we are experiencing. we will experience less discomfort. Proctological examinations, final crunching, or manual examination are not pleasant, but if we are relaxed, relaxed, the muscles of the locus will not be stretched. If we eat lightly before the exam, it certainly will not go down to the lowest stage.After speaking hand exam and then the doctor (lying on a test table sideways, putting on our knees), this can be followed by a rectoscopy, that is, a final crucifixion. THE vйgbйltьkrцzйs the smallest centimeter in diameter can be examined with the help of a small image-shaped device. Crucifixion is contrary to common belief is not an examination with great pain. These examinations can be completed, for example, with x-rays, biopsies, but in the case of gold bullion, this is very rarely required. Your doctor may recommend an ointment, dressing, or surgery. Of course, you can also get advice on diet and lifestyle.
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