Hot or cold and how much?

If the air in your home is drier during the heating season, your health will benefit from mating.

Hot or cold and how much? (photo: iStock)Dr. Edit Hidvégi Tündgygygysz, a doctor at the Lung Center, tells me when she's been alert to the dangers of cold and hot mating and over-mating.

How do we know if the air is too humid?

Air humidity can be checked by means of a pair of devices. You can also get this from home improvement or home improvement stores. Ideal humidity ranges from 40-60%. If ennйl lower, ie tъl szбraz the levegх, then we can experience unpleasant tьneteket "The szбraz levegх belйlegzйse the orrnyбlkahбrtyбt also megbetegedhetьnk kiszбrнtja Torokszбrazsбg, kaparу йrzйs occur Kцnnyebben, because the nose -... Йs the lйgutak nyбlkahбrtyбja, termelхdх get egйszsйges бllapotban vбladйk hiбnyбban you can't stop the disease from getting into the body. "

Consequences of the flare-up

If a cow dries the air in the apartment, we try. Freshly laundered clothes can also increase humidity in the air by warming up or moistening clothes. Be careful, however, that if you sustain values ​​above 60%, we will also create favorable conditions for mold and fungus, which cause allergic, asthmatic, and frequent respiratory illnesses.

Hot or cold?

  • When we try, we also have to pay attention to what we do. Steaming hot chamomile milk can cause severe symptoms of pollen allergic asthma patients.
  • And in the case of Krupp, it can be very helpful to expose the patient to hot water vapor, as his symptoms will worsen. However, a very quick improvement can be achieved with a cold pair, for example, when it is covered in cold winter air, or when the child is barking at night in the fridge door open.
  • Asthma, on the other hand, needs to be very careful with the cold couple. It can provoke a seizure if you breathe in the cold winter air suddenly after the warmth of your home.

The temperature also counted

In addition to the humidity of your home, you should also pay attention to the temperature if you do not want to freeze easily from the warm home in the cold. Temperatures are also important because, in addition to high humidity, high temperatures, and overheated homes, also create favorable conditions for people with allergies. " If it is warmer, the mucous membrane may dry out easily, which is not even beneficial. "

From the mousse to the mold

Even in the event of breathing, breathing in, and exhaling, the home will become humid. In addition, we cook, wash, and cook, as well as produce pairs for baths. If the ventilation in the home is not solved, the vapor will be trapped inside. On the windows, splashing water drops appear, and alongside the bridges - areas adjacent to the rafters, which separate two very different areas of temperature - the mold begins. . It is against common szellхztetйssel or nyнlбszбrуk cserйjйvel - beйpнtett szellхzхvel rendelkezх nyнlбszбrуk. - vйdekezhetьnk "The penйsz cause erхs allergйn, lйgъti allergiбs, asztmбs tьneteket also Elхfordulhat to jelenlйtйre only lйgъti tьnetek frequent betegsйgek, elhъzуdу kцhцgйs hнvjбk attention because the mold can appear not only in corners but also in hidden areas - cabinets, villages, beds, houseplants - "
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