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Goodbye to the baby

If your baby is not so small anymore and you want to bring the cool mood to his life, read our article all the way to get some ideas on how to do it!

Creating a festive mood for Easter begins with the revival of the home. Choose colorful and baby-friendly decorations that your little ones will love, and no problem if your baby is crushed by the fun, sleep, or just toddling. These decorative tools can be colored plum blossoms, Easter pattern pillows, plastic or styrofoam eggs, just to look good and not to pose a danger to the baby.

Tune in for Easter

If your baby is a little cat a little, you can start the preparation a few days before the holiday. You can shape the characteristic shapes of Easter from plasticine with flour: bunnies, barricades, chicks. If you like to play with soft stuff, give it a handful of plasticine, and let it shape as you like. If they are also sold, let us have a look at each one and leave it to be painted!

In the Easter mood with the baby

If you want to try egg painting too, feel free to squeeze a larger size styrofoam egg from a hobby shop, which you can then design safely, free of turkey.

Living bunny in the house?

For many families with small children, it is fashionable to get a living little bunny for Easter. If you are a small kid, skip this project. You do not know how the animal responds to the condition of the animal, or whether you get any allergies from the animal entering the home. During Halloween, it works casually in many places бllatsimogatу, rather, visit one of these places and see how she likes the bunny. Another solution is if you travel to a baby-friendly hotel, there will almost certainly be an opportunity for Easter animals - little baby, bunny, chick.

What should be the menu?

Traditional Easter menus, heavy cooked ham, eggs, radishes, heavy cakes are not foods for baby younger than 1 year old. But rest assured, everyone has a baby friendly version too! Although traditional Easter ham is too heavy and heavy for a baby, if you want to put the little one at the table, you may want to give it a feathered, thin ham. You can also attend the festive dinner. Instead of fresh, tender radishes, we prefer it with tomatoes and cucumbers. we also have eggs in our stomach, 9 months old, while white only after 1 year let's give it. Don't force the dream! At such a young age, it is unnecessary to get used to overly sweet tastes and tooth decay. Instead, we can add easter figs made from milk powder or honeysuckle. Anyway, with a little trick we can make our baby's special holiday meal. Let's cut a circle of rabbits, and make them into a bunny shape. Its eyes can be made from cheese or boiled eggs. It is a real success for children and, of course, healthy.

The Holy Say

No problem, if you still can't talk to the little one, tell him more Easter themed sayings, rocking songs, watering can. Roll to the rhythm, and before the festive meals, tune in to all the utterances.


Of course, not even the smallest member of the family can miss out on Easter egg and brain search. Prepare smaller wicker baskets, prune them, then place eggs and gift on it. Even if your wrist continues to excite your search, he will still be in a great position for this "treasure hunt"!
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