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Avoid the difficult birth!

If the arrival of your baby is not terribly awkward, giving birth can be not only painful but also dangerous.

Avoid the difficult birth!

An article in the BJOG magazine, an international journal on childbirth and women's crafts, was published last year difficult childbirth and development of childhood behavioral disorders interdependence. According to researchers, it was produced by the adrenal gland, cortisol Increased levels of the so-called stress hormone have been linked to the onset of such problems, and it has been found that "smooth" babies have significantly lower levels of cortisol in their body than their more difficult-to-aid counterparts.

Difficult Birth - Difficult Life?

Unfortunately, birth defects can also result in musculoskeletal and mental disabilities. Early-stage, submerged removal, overloading, cord assembly, knot, vacuum use, etc. it can cause oxygen deficiency, which in many cases results in nervous system damage. It is often the case that movement does not develop properly, and in severe cases, the baby's limbs can be damaged. Oxigйnhiбnyt may indicate when the nipple is difficult to breastfeed, hand or foot stomach, or vice versa; its limbs are relaxed, or when limb movement is difficult and painful you may be suspicious if certain stages of movement are missed or missed.The oxigйnhiбnyon hide kнvьl jelentхs kockбzatot include the elhъzуdу szьlйs sorбn suffered mechanical sйrьlйsek or the baby vйrnyomбsбnak csцkkenйse- these tйnyezхk could result in agyvйrzйst, which is a little йrtelmi йs mozgбsfejlхdйsйt nagymйrtйkben hбtrбltathatja.Neves autism-kutatуk- kцztьk David Amaral йs Irva Hertz-Picciotto- her examinations have also shown that babies whose world needs urgent care due to complications - cervical, fetal, and difficult to conceive If this were not enough, an overly lengthy, complicated birth could result in incontinence (incapacity of urine or fecal retention) due to vaginal discharge and barrier fractures.

Better a cupcake?

If, after all of this, you get your cesarean section on your head, you're off! THE cesarean section is a very serious operation, which can only happen when the life of a mom or baby is at risk, or when the tiny other can't be born - for example, because her mother's pool is too tight. The intervention may have a number of consequences; ranging from local inflammation to whole-body infection (sepsis) to the risk of subsequent pregnancies and births.The real solution complications without childbirth, which depends not only on your genetic abilities and good professionals; you yourself can do a lot to make it easier for the baby and you.

What can you do?

One-handed, so conscious and responsible during your pregnancy, for example, you set a limit on your wall. In fact, if you eat too much, you are more prone to pregnancy diabetes or preeclampsia (pregnancy high blood pressure), which can hinder your baby's development. In addition, a pregnant baby baby baby usually grows big, which can make it difficult for a parent, so you may need to have a baby, or have an external help (eg, cancer). posture of obsession, childbirth. This significantly reduces the length of the extension and the possibility of crushing. It helps a lot if an experienced puppy, Dla, gives birth to a parent who can help you with difficult moments with patience and confidence. Different types of baby tools, methods, techniques are available.