Isn't learning going? Help them enjoy!

Your stomach was over the desk, as three pencils tapped the end. Your posture seems to hate your health and eventually your marks. The length of time spent studying on average non-proportional books is influenced by countless factors. Come on!

Bad learners were quickly drawn to being stupid or lazy pigs. Once you get into this box, it will be hard for you to get out of it. It is best to check back if you really have a problem with your abilities or if you have another problem with your poor results. Think about when you are in a position where your performance is worse than your value. Maybe if you put too high a mark on it? If you can't prepare for the task? If you do not have the right working conditions? If You Have Spiritual Problems? Or if you don't know how to solve the problem before you do it? The kids didn't work on it either.

Will you be able to?

It is worth thinking about what the child was like when she was ovis. Interested, active? Did you like to talk, talk? How did you do with drawing or other fine movement and attention-grabbing games? Was there a need for improvement, did your uvun, nursery speech therapist, or parenting advisor suggest that you start school one year sooner? If we find that we have raised the bar too high for our child when we first enrolled in this school, we should not get into it. It is best to ask for the assistance of a regionally competent parenting board or to find the best school for your child with the help of another professional, and to find out what area should be developed.
"Last year, two large groups of people who had similar problems came to me," explains Development Specialist Sara. - In September, one of them started his first year at a school where With the Meixner method the kids learn slowly moving apart. There is no problem with it, for him to prosper, that he has taken up an occupation at an early age, and that he can learn at an appropriate rate and pace. The other child, on the other hand, was in the "elite" class, where as early as November the children knew many letters, as it turned out, and many came to read. The little boy is incapable of overcoming this scourge. Unfortunately, parents do not realize that this is not the place for them, they rather go for a natural healing.

Habtrack starts

If the aforementioned little boy stays in this "strong" class, it will be harder and harder to learn the basics.
- We welcome children from the age of ten. Unfortunately, many arrive because they cannot read well, says Péter Kovács, director of the General School, Vocational School, Vocational School and Grammar School. - If a child is stumbling on a reading, it is not just a literary mark, unfortunately, it almost excludes you from being a math student, since writing text assignments will cost you nothing. If there are no funds, we can't do what. We need to bring this backlog.
Anyone who is struggling with such an affliction will almost certainly lose his enthusiasm for learning. Disappointed and self-deprecating. It is not easy to move from here, but it is not impossible if important adults are allowed to start and help with a clean sheet. As a result of schooling, schooling, or longer illness, a well-educated child may feel that he or she has to deal with a huge setback. To emphasize their disappointment and expectations instead of encouraging or helping their parents and teachers will only make the problem worse as the anxious child learns more difficult.

Is learning difficult?

At a spiritual point

As adults, we know that we live through waves of life, and our spiritual desire diminishes our performance. So are the children, and there is a problem with learning.
- Generally, I was a good student, I was enrolled in a strong gymnasium - remembers Robin. - The first two years went by, and the situation at home became very tense. Just then I fell in love, but maybe seeing my parents fail, I didn't dare to enter into a relationship. He was a drop-in, always thinking about it. When I sat down in front of the book anyway. Hell I read, I couldn't pay attention. On the street, as if I wasn't there. I did a lot of wrong in that school.
A smaller child may have similar problems, even though classmates are excluded, parents are divorced, grandmother or sibling is born, and thousands more. Here, too, there is no solution if you are merely demanding better grades for your child. Seek help, talk to your teachers about being in a difficult situation (but do not talk about your problems), and make sure that you are confident in your presence.

Everybody's got something!

One of the most important pillars of successful learning is self-confidence and motivation. Everyone knows that I don't like to get to work very hard. Many students feel that they are incapable of learning what they need by boring lessons or reading textbooks, even if the teacher is just rubbing the material. These children succeed in different situations. You may be in sports, music or social situations. Well, this should be exploited.
"The success of learning lies in the strengths of the student," he says Dr. Touzsa Stephen head of the Britannica Language School. - If I teach my doctrine by a method that moves the qualities in which it is strong, then we both achieve success. Today we have as many options as possible, from audio recordings to social games to interactive lessons, to finding the best method for everyone. But if we learn about the type of intelligence that a student has, we can give him advice without even more advanced tools. If you are into music, rely on your hearing, your rhythm. Not only do you look at the book, but read it for yourself or for others. Listen to foreign language poems and learn your favorite vocabulary. If you're a real corporate girl, it's best to find someone you can explain what you've learned. Or chat with your classmates about the curriculum, organize a study group. If, on the other hand, you are a lone wolf, God forbid that you feel in a group, in an awkward position. It is best to go out of your way, plan your lessons, and fight to avoid being bothered. It helped a lot. That is why we have put Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Test on our site. Whoever fills in will find out what his or her strengths are, what he or she can rely on, how he or she can develop, and what resources he or she can make to learn.
They fully agreed with the teacher. After listening to my old dusty English CD on the train in the morning, even though they miss a nice phone call and a Yugoslavian holiday, things have gone a long way since I have gone a long way. At the very least, I dare to speak English. The child may have an idea of ​​his own method. I will never forget when my third year Marci son was long, annoyed at the grammar book, which had to use different genres for example. Boredom broke out, almost blocking his brain. But he started to write it loosely, and after a while he appeared to read the work. He found that he learned his lesson in alliteration: it gave him his own challenge wings that he had created. And I had a great time with the results.
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