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What is a White Sheet for a Baby's Tongue?

It is often the case that a mother who has just returned home from the church has seen white sheets on her baby's skin. You know we are against fungal infections.

If you wrap the white sheets on your fingers with a sterile steam gauge in camomile milk, this is just a layer of milk after suckling. The inseparable plaque is caused by a fungus (soor oris) that is found on the oral mucosa. Different species of fungi are present throughout our lives to a certain extent, but their presence is only indicated by their multiplication.
In the New Year's Eve this is it weak immune system can occur: healthy, mature in newborns in 2-5 percent, premature in 10 percent. Even during childbirth, the baby may become infected, as the maternal body is more prone to fungi during pregnancy.

If you buy white sheets for your baby's tongue, do it!

It spreads without treatment for fungal infections, and causes symptoms in the gut and passages of the diaper area. About two weeks after the appearance of symptoms in the mouth, you may notice red spots or spots on the butt.
The baby is also pushing the nipple on the nipple during breastfeeding, ъjrafertхzхdйsif you do not eliminate the source of the infection, its circulation. In the background of sciatica, stomach, and loss of fungus from the mouth, it is important that you overcome it.

Manage in three areas at a time:

  • After breastfeeding, wipe the baby's tongue off with a sterile steam pad, dipped in a doctor's brush.

  • Let your breasts dry in the air after sucking. Instead of bras and bras, you only wear a light blouse at home because the warm moisture favors the mushrooms. In case of stubborn infection, you should also brush the nipple.

  • Ventilate your baby's buttocks as you sleep: lay down the diaper and keep the umbrella warm for a while with the infrared lamp placed outside the baby. Lightly lubricate with Neogranormon, change the pelvis frequently and do not tighten it too tight.

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