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Can't we relax for the sake of our couple?

Another important difference is the light between women and men's health: women sleep much less, and more so because the snoring of men does not allow them to rest.

Half of British women feel tired all the time and a third of them have no nights when they can relax, and so their daily mood and performance deteriorates, a survey revealed. Men are much better off than sleep, according to the survey, only one in ten people complains that they can't rest.Can't we relax for the sake of our couple? In the survey (conducted by a mattress and bed company) 2,000 pairs took part. The answers showed that women sleep about 1095 hours a year less than menand that has a serious impact on your careers, your privacy and your health. Many people think, for example, that sleep deprivation makes them poorer parents, or that they do not have the energy to exercise or to eat healthy food because they do not relax enough. Not to mention that sleep deprivation has been linked to countless serious, chronic illnesses in the past. Bloody snoring because. Women think their couple can sleep three times a day more than they do, and the response rate makes them 15 nervous, and every other woman confesses that they are regularly rude and unhealthy their sleep needs (for example, due to hormonal differences), but based on the results, severe sleep deprivation can also mark long-term relationships. Solution for your exterior bedroom! Although many people fear that sleeping in the outside will have a negative effect on the relationship, the survey found that not only is sleeping better, but more is intimacy.You may also be interested in:
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