Are you asleep? Water can also help

New research has shown that insomnia can cause flare-ups, interfering with the release of hormones that are key in hydration regulation.

Are you asleep? Water can also helpSleeplessness has a number of damaging effects on human health. Not only is the koncentrбciуt йs spoil the нtйlхkйpessйget, but the long tartу kialvatlansбg nцveli of 2 tнpusъ cukorbetegsйg, high vйrnyomбs the elhнzбs йs the lйgzхszervi megbetegedйsek kockбzatбt.Nйhбny tanulmбny showed that the kialvatlansбg nцveli vesebetegsйg йs early halбlozбs also kockбzatбt . The kidneys play a vital role in hydration, and consuming more fluids improves the function of the kidneys. Few studies have examined the effect of insomnia on the body's hydration level. Head of research Asher Rosinger Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Behavioral Biology at the State University of Pennsylvania. Published in Sleep, a study of the relationship between sleeplessness and hydration in American and Chinese adults.

If you are tired, drink more water

Rosinger and colleagues examined data from more than 20,000 healthy young adults who provided urine specimens and requests for their sleeping habits. We found that those who regularly sleep 6 or less urine were more concentrated in their urine than those who sleep 8 hours. "Lack of sleep and inadequate hydration are associated with each other in American and Chinese studies," the authors say. More specifically, they are dehydrated with currency like those who sleep 8 hours. These results were all for a sample of the population. The lead author of the study noted, "If we sleep 6 hours only one night, it can affect the hydration state." He added: "This study suggests that if you don't sleep well the next day you are feeling sick and tired, you will be drinking more water."

Vasopressin can explain the results

Although the new study is based on observations and does not prove a causal relationship, researchers believe that the hormone vasopressin may be responsible for too little sleep and lack of hydration in the body, "If we wake up earlier, we miss the time when excess hormones are released, which disrupts body hydration," Rosinger said. Exfoliation has a number of negative health effects: it can cause muscle weakness, headaches, fatigue, affect mood, and impair sensation. (Via)
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