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Ideas for 6-year-olds

We have collected some great Christmas gift tips that will not only be fun for your child, but can also be used to get them out of school.

Ideas for 6-year-olds

Dobble cards

What would we do for a company that our 6-year-old child and grandmother 85 both enjoy? Dobble is like that! You need to find the right pairs of circular cards as fast as possible. Since only one picture is matched on each card, it is a good way to improve your observing ability and reflexes. By the way, no more than 260 have earned maximum points in the webshop!(pic:

Puzzle Radnr

The collapsible, interchangeable, collectible small radar kit can be a great gift for toddlers and toddlers alike. Real motivation for exercise, learning - do you need more?(picture:

Motorized car model

Among other things, this hyper-super, kid-friendly plastic car is developed with the power of imagination, costume and sanity, which has the extra power of being a motor in the kit, too. He'll be back there when he sees it under the Christmas tree, we can be sure!(picture:

Makkantant mуkusok logic puzzle

You and your child will play this 60-step puzzle logic puzzle with great difficulty. Its essence is that the bunnies have to be pushed in the correct order in order to place the nuts in the hole in the right hole. The goal is to hide all the hazelnuts in one place so that the muskies don't get too hungry. The games develop logical thinking, craftsmanship, fine motor skills, problem-solving ability, and transportation, and can be taken anywhere with ease.(picture:


Certainly, our six-year-old can play a free ride that he is guaranteed to enjoy! The mystery is not so simple, the goal to save is to get the key and turn off the countdown. Not only does it stimulate quick logical thinking, but it educates a true team player out of our kids. (2 AAA batteries are required to operate the game.)(pictured:

5 seconds, 3 replies

Are you traveling for the holidays? Then get this company before you do! It is recommended from the age of six, but you as adults will enjoy it. The task is that what you draw on the card should be listed in 5 seconds. Eg Say 3 ice cream flavors, 3 green color things. Fast-paced, brain-teaser hard-working games, and you're sure to laugh a lot!(photo:

Get smart on the move!

Did you know that movement and intellectual development are related? Well, this motion-packed playground in the living room, in a small space, also shows you how and what you can do to help your child get to school in good time. What's more, with 15 to 20 minutes of practice, you can make sure your cold weather counter moves every night. The tasks are not boring at all, but they are absolutely enjoyable and varied, and can be done individually or in pairs.(photo:


You wouldn't even think about how good kids are at jealousy. It improves a lot: concentration, coordination, creativity, fine motor skills, self-discipline, endurance, communication skills, longing for school and last but not least. With this cool box you will be able to enchant the whole family with 125 tricks.(photo:

Sand picture making set

Our little one will shine Jesus' luggage with glittering eyes if he has such a glittering picture set. Fancy tropical animals depicting "works of art" can be avoided by spraying special sand on glued surfaces on overprinted templates. And it develops creativity, visuality and creativity in a creative way, not to mention the success of the process.(picture:

Book: Inquiries and Answers on Time

This beautifully illustrated little booklet answers all the important and exciting questions of time. Thanks to the folds out, your child can interact with the box in a interactive, fun way and miss out on a lot of important info without even feeling like you're learning.(photo:
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