9 Things Before the 2nd Child, If You Can

Here are a few things you better do before the number 2 trunks are born.

It is better to be clear with a few things before the second child arrives

1. Your second child may be the opposite of the first in everything

If you thought you were going through the same methods as your first child, you would be very surprised. It may be in your eating, maybe in your sleeping habits, but more than just knowing that the second baby will be very different in some area. This is the experience of most mothers with two or more children, so try to forget what you do with the first one, Breathe in and tune in for the little newcomer!

2. And the two of you will relate to you anyway

You may have been a mother for a couple of years, but believe me, you will get to know the mother with the second child in a different way. Since you have two completely different little people in your personality, you will have a whole lot to do and will not change over time. Because of that otherwise you have to behave with both, but regardless, you can be sure that they are the perfect mom or the way you are.

3. You will suffer from chronic sleep deprivation (for a while)

We don't want to scare you, but chances are you'll have to deal with your sleep problems again. Okay, you might be one of the moms on the list who, from the very first moment, loves to have a good night's sleep, and you deserve it if it turns out. Unfortunately, however, most mothers do not have this privilege. And you also have to make the bigger body so you will be very tired for a while. Feel free to experiment with your child's anesthesia techniques and other super tricks, and you sleep whenever you can! This initial period must be lost.

4. Your big body will look like a real big boy / big guy (and really super cool)

Suddenly your older child (who is always small by the time) will look much older than you are. But when did it become so big and so big? Practically, you will notice that you are perfectly capable of taking care of yourself and your little ones. Okay, okay, maybe not, but it sure is you will find it much more opulent than being alone. In a nappy, you run away with a damp cloth. She peees alone in the party, and snaps smoothly while you try to satisfy every need for the infinitely new born. Huh, big body is a real super jerk kid.

5. At the same time, the demands of duals will increase slightly

Well, yes. This is the other side of the space. If your second child is much fainter and more motherly (this is quite a common occurrence), you would expect the big body to have suddenly countless lust for He will want you every minute of the day. In addition, their needs will look much more colorful, as they can express a lot more of your senses and bring them to your notice. Fortunately, as long as you breastfeed your little one, your big breast can be great, and it can be your best help and praise it more often as it is a real little hero!

6. You will need some extra help

You will need help. Point. The most important thing is that don't be afraid to ask for help! From the father, the mother, the friend, the neighbor, the babysitter. Invite them to help, even if you are having trouble! Most mom thinks she has to solve everything alone, but that's not true. If you need an owl for sleep, someone who starts a wash, or someone who drinks a cup of tea with you, don't be too slow to talk!

7. And you'll also need some extra patience

One of the most important qualities a mother needs. When your two kids are in sync, and you think you're ready, you can't go any further, pause for a moment, breathe in, and know that you always have a little bit of heart and patience. Practice patience, again and againand you see, over time, it's easier and easier to call your Zen status.

8. You melt completely when you see how much your kids love each other

You'll be chewing up every irresistible two-child chaos when you see how much your two children love each other. And this - when they are not fighting - they express it explicitly: Hugging, kissing each other, and you'll be touched by those happy moments.

9. Super cool!

You're a fantastic mom right now or your first child. And your second child is lucky to have your mother as your mother. You can be a mom for the second time, which will be just as difficult, but a wonderful experience as it was at first. Stay strong and know you're super you'll be able to do it!Related Articles:
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