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Are you dead? Learn to say no, believe me, your life will be simpler!

Here are 5 tips from an experienced mother that you will definitely use if you have a child between the ages of 0-8.

There is no doubt that motherhood is an experience that is subverted from the bottom of our lives. One day you feel like you are capable of anything, the other day you also ask yourself in general, do you have this whole thing. Never forget! You're not alone. A lot of women feel the same way and a few, laughing Hayley Hengst he was not afraid to put his sincere senses into words. Write an article on and the sense of consciousness that every young mother experiences, when he realizes he's not a superwoman. The news, which first appeared on the Austin Moms Blog after circulating on Facebook, and found many mothers in the heart. In this article, Hengst gives birth to a young thirty-year-old mother who has at least one, but two, three or more children aged 0-8. He sincerely admits that being the mother at this stage of life is the hardest. - You're completely exhausted. Physically, mentally and mentally, he says. During this stage of life, mothers face problems such as toothache, inflammation of the stomach or stomach viruses. Everything has to be rolled into one day - Breastfeeding, feeding, sleeping, even the daily routine. - You are juggling with countless balls at once and you almost feel like you have dropped all of them. If you are in a similar situation and feel that you are ready, give up, no longer wear it, then read Hengst's 5 Tips to make it easier for you to avoid the obstacles!

1. Forget about guilt!

If you work, you have a sense of guilt that you are not with your child (ren). If you are with your child (ren), it is because you do not contribute to the family cash register. Once you have a sense of guilt because you are too strict and sometimes because you are too lenient. It doesn't matter what you do, you always feel like you are bankrupt. This is a vicious circle that is very difficult to avoid, but you must. You won't be a bad mom with a little reassurance.
"You shouldn't feel bad because you're using the kids' sleep time to recharge," says Hengst. - You have to scare yourself to leave your children at home and go somewhere. AkŠ±rhova. According to Hengst, it is very important that we also carry on parenting. - Do something you love, enjoy every day. Every day! Even if it is no more than 15 minutes. You need that coffee, that foamy bath.

2. Don't mind it!

As a young mother, you have to make a lot of decisions, and what makes it all the more difficult is that not all of them have a clear answer. - Shall I vaccinate the child? Should I read it at public or private school? How long should I breastfeed? You don't know the good answer to all of them, but everyone surrounds you with the feeling that it is your responsibility to know. - You keep striving for balance, but you never find it. Someone always wants a hug to hold onto you to touch him. Your to-do list is endless. You are worried about fish, and your thoughts are constantly buzzing. When the waves smash over your head, take a deep breath. Feel free to take a step back and reconsider the situation. - Give me less than your expectations? then give me some more below. You have to simplify every corner of your life as much as you can. You have to learn to say no and be happy with what you have, Hengst advises.

3. Don't think you have to do everything! Get help!

When a woman is a mother, she thinks she has to be superhuman - she has to manage her household, her kids' tasks, her household. And people would suggest the unrealistic expectation that this is really normal. It should be like that. But that's not true. Hengst reminds mothers that if we want to get over this period, They must be in control of their fears and ask for help, or be able to accept it if someone is willing. - You need your friends. You need your mom. And you need older friends who have been baptized in the same things you are now. Those who make sure that you are not as bad a pile as you think.

4. Don't neglect your head!

The truth is that many couples do not survive this period of life, because every day is a real pleasure. Although this is another role that you need to take on, it is important that you also devote energy to your relationship with your priest. - Don't neglect your housemates Hengst recalls. - Put the kids down in time, and then sit down with your priest, get yourself a glass of wine and talk.

5. Remember yourself: This stage of your life may be the hardest, but also the most beautiful.

This is the time when your children absolutely love you. They will never be better in their lifetime. This is the time when you are comfortably snuggled up in your beloved, and want to be welcomed. This is the time when you have the biggest problems with inflammation, toothache or a stomach virus, and you still don't have to deal with things like collapsed words, the danger of drug abuse or punishment. This is the time when you can watch your parents become grandparents and see what they are up to. This is the time for travel, school parties, costumes, lounges, foam baths, dance parties, lost gear, and first steps. This is the time when you are young enough to really enjoy these moments, but you are old enough to look at them with some wisdom. It's a fantastic time. (VIA)
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