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Hi Mom! Or I could say, Hellу Mutter!

So from two years out of the way, I feel like we are getting close to each other so please let me have this direct tone.

Or No, it does not matter to me anyway, so I do what I think is right, because I am 2 years old, I have a lot of life experience and I know I am not afraid to survive. Well, I'll tell you what the hell I want you to do.

You remember, so I'm confident that something is terrifying, because let's face it, I honestly see that you're not at the height of memory these days. Do you remember? I was born when I was half a year old and so you see the time flies! Since then, I have learned everything, such as the Playdoh plasticine that can be eaten, the fact that getting off the couch head to floor is not only funny but also painful. (however much I love the training) that the rapeseeds on the wall are really good at the beige sofa. You have all the useful stuff.
But you also changed, I listened to you, even though I still seemed to have eggs for what you said, believe me exactly what you teach me every day. I just want to talk to you about an important thing, just for your sake, because I love you honestly. Not only are you my mom, but my friend, mate, and a little bit of my accomplice are also sometimes. Yeah, well, I'm not just saying that because sometimes you let me see Bogyu and Babu! So there is this thing you call it tantrums, And with noble simplicity, evacuation in midsummer. So whoa, I know that sometimes you feel totally tropical about your nervous system, but you have to know that this is not against you, my age. Okay, okay, I'll take the time to push things a little bit. The last time I didn't buy gum in the store and the green on the milk counter and the money was telling me cuuuuuuuuukoooooooooooor !!!!!
I accept it was strong, a I would go out on my own and jump between lemons, while I haven't seen the cover and the light, but understand, I had to try! If I need sugar, I have to take everything in, shaking it out of me. All right, it was gas; I've seen you destroyed to explain that, in truth, you never do that, you don't know what it can be ... blablabla. Well, the story of the dark blue sock. You have to understand, if I do not want to wear blue socks, I do NOT want to wear blue socks! Why can? The explanation is simple, because I like yellow socks today. Do I want to make it tomorrow? No! Tomorrow you will like red. You adults are looking for logic in everything, accept that you don't have to explain everything! That's it and you're done! I'm 2.5 years old, totally confident! I know what I'm doing, don't be afraid. In your opinion, the histi thinks in completely unpredictable times and situations, but there is a lot of awareness there. If I want Legouz in the middle of the toilet, there is a reason. For example, I want to throw them in afterwards, throw toilet paper with great skill, and cool them down in a good mood. Because this is what amuses me, you understand? That's my humor. We are different, you might be funny, but I can really laugh about that. And if I want to carry this, I have the tools. I turn away a secret, we have a good tactic to do that my baby friends just call it "terror sound". First of all, just a little bit, I just want to make you know that baby society is going to win, and then when you parents think it's gonna be right there, and your hallucinations. But do I have to tell you right now? For you, who knows exactly what I'm talking about? Don't worry, you're fine! Do you know what I really do? That you are getting better at training! In the beginning, it allowed me to fracture the power of the baby, but today you are trying to face me and cut off my horns. Not that it would work, because of course you always give in to your waist at the end, but you like trying to get your glove on even if it doesn't work.
Mom, I love you all the best, but you have to accept: I have a will, I am a person with unique thoughts and ideas! I know this is not your favorite era, I'm not the "Child of the Year" in these situations, but one thing is for sure, I'll be out soon, we'll be hippy-hopping. In the meantime, let the power be with you, and patience! :)
Love you: The Duck Age Baby!