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Should I go to work if I go to work?

It will take decades to get rid of some of the false beliefs that have been captured by the "man of the street." In the meantime, it is not easy for mothers who want to change.

Dear Judit,
I really hope you have reinforced my thoughts, my instincts again, just as in the past. Now I ask about my 22 suckers. Big "cicibubus", breastfeeding full on demand, which means sometimes 10 minutes twice a day, sometimes 20 minutes ... Very rhapsodic.
Looks like I'm going to work 8 ounces soon. Two shifts and a weekly shift from 6 pm to 14 pm or 22 pm. So, between two fixed nurses one almost certainly falls out. In spite of this, I think that time will develop and get used to it. So it was with the bigger one, when she went to chick, and she stayed suckling for up to half a year, even though it was a fixed morning-evening, it was not so incalculable. But I think that's what's coming in right now, isn't it?
A lot of people worry that hey, now it's the end of the tits, and they'll be surprised if I say no. If I have been breastfeeding my healthy body for 27 months, I will not quit my milk-whites allergy or nicotine sooner. So I think I will develop by myself, I will not split it. I also feel better on the spiritual side. What do you think about that?
I would also like to thank you for your reply.
–¨dv: Lina
Hi, Lina!
You are absolutely right about every aspect. The problem is that many are not as well-rounded and as confident as you are. There was a very serious ingrained belief in the public consciousness, which may have been characteristic of his fifty years, but not today.
1. Breastfeeding is an intimate thing that belongs only to the mother and the baby, only in the family home.
2. Breastfeeding is time-consuming and every breastfeeding at the start of weaning selects a breastfeeding.
3. It is appropriate to stop breast-feeding by the age of nine months. Breastfeeding a "footy child" is a strong fire.
4. Breastfeeding is under the guidance of the parents and the child's need is not at all considered.
5. Lactation Breastfeeding, parents want to get rid of it. That is, breastfeeding is something inflexible that everyone starts and then stops slowly (or quickly) before the age of one. And as such, there's nothing to do with getting to work, your wits, especially the door. The older age group has nothing to do with it, but not many young people. They do not appreciate breastfeeding on demand, they do not appreciate that it gives their mother, child, freedom, or the place, because they can breastfeed anywhere, anytime. Because of the above, many people have no idea what it means to breastfeed an older child. We can't even imagine that a big cat toddler can adapt to his environment endlessly. Many people are afraid that if a breastfeeding child is beloved by their mother, the child will end up whacking and sucking on the one who is watching over her. You might think that a baby, while nursing, stays like a little baby, does not develop, matures, and is almost attached to its mother. Perhaps they are considered a small child from the moment he is divorced. That is not the case. You wrote it down very well: the nursing mother and the child are able to adapt to the changed circumstances. If the mother is at work when the baby is small, there is no obstacle to breastfeeding. The most common solution is to breastfeed on demand when you are with the baby and to have a headache at work. If the baby is already eating enough milk out of breast milk in the second half of the year, the baby can be gradually reduced and then abandoned, but breastfeeding may continue for as long as possible. As long as mother and baby are good. But that does not mean that mother and child are tied together. After all, it is not uncommon for a mother to be away from her baby for a day or two, because she is off work or wants to be alone with her father. When they meet again, breastfeeding can be continued. I believe that in your case, at this age, shifting does not mean the end of breastfeeding. In the small, you can definitely adjust to the new situation. If you are breastfeeding, let him decide how long you want to breastfeed.
If you have any questions, please let us know, but we are also looking forward to your experience!
I look forward to your personal advice as well!