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Classic chicken roast a bit foolish

It's a good idea to change your recipes a bit and throw in your big favorites with new healthy tips.

Chicken Roast Yogurt, New Cucumber Salad and Couscous

Chicken Roast Yogurt, New Cucumber Salad and Couscous

We have contributed to the smoking:
a whole farm chicken + heart and liver
three tablespoons of olive oil
a large head red onion
sweet paprika pepper spoon
a bell pepper or halo
1 deci water
a big tomato
a poppy milk bowl without food
a papal evangelist
for cucumber malt:
a cucumber
a teapot sou
1/2 deci olive oil
two tablespoons apple cider vinegar or lemon juice
two cloves of garlic
a tablespoon of honey
1/2 deci water
dressing couscous (there is a full-grain biocous)
Dice with cube cubes, parsley and freshly ground pepper


I start to heat the oil, chop the onion in the middle and soften it for a few minutes. In the meantime, I split the chicken's lower and upper thighs, wings, and cut it along the back and back. Once the onion has softened, I add the bell pepper and sprinkle it immediately with 1 deci of water so it doesn't get there. Cut to the peppers, the tomatoes, the meal and the roast. (If the skin is strong, you can tease the butter plate with a little pinch of ground pepper.) I wash the chicken pieces again, and with the exception of the insides, turn them well into the butter plate. Now, all I have to do with it is cover, I cook the meat a little over the air, turning it around a few times.
As long as the chicken is done, I made the cucumber salad. To do this, I plan the cucumbers thin, mix them in a large blender, and let them drain the juice. In the meantime I made the dressing from oil, vinegar or lemon, honey, water and grated garlic, and mixed it with cucumber. As long as the stew is cooked, I cover the lettuce and refrigerate it to blend the senses.
Ten minutes before the end of the cooking time, I add steaming heart and liver (we love it, but of course it's not obligatory) and boil water for couscous. So much steaming so much more than a quarter of a kilo of couscous is mixed in a cup with a teaspoonful of water and then poured enough water to cover it and cover it. Couscous absorbs the water in two minutes and I can enjoy the feast right away.
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