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Come on tesу! So in a bed ???

Interesting inquiries have arrived in our forum. Babuci80 was wondering: how can you cope with the task of being one small, the other small?

Dear Judit,
My baby will be twin in April and her baby will be over by the end of March. I try to make small books as much as we can, see, tell, see, understand, say, the black-and-white thing comes when we get home with the little one.
Our big problem is that only I can sleep (that is, after a long, long drought, my dad also succeeds), and at dawn we make our own. So far I've allowed her, but we'll have the little one in the room, so I don't know how we'll solve the night's sleepings in one bed. Can you advise us on how to develop a common agenda? How do we solve the day-to-day breasts?
I've read in many places to put it next to me, but unfortunately my little one can't really live in one place for many. Thank you in advance for your answer!

Hi, Babuci80!

If Dad can put him to sleep - even though he is in the mood for a while - and is willing to take on the task, then the situation is not hopeless. You can rest assured. She'll cry once or twice, but in the middle she feels like and cares for her, not letting me down. And in just a few days, you'll realize it's okay. possibly it helps if they bring something new to the thing, say, an alto music label or a story or stars on the ceiling. (But by no means caress!)
Of course, you also ask if you can solve it in the future. Of course, this is only possible if you fall asleep relatively quickly. During anesthesia, the little one can suckle, or the father can carry, or just bathe. Be flexible!

So in a bed

You can also solve the early tooth of the morning by forming a sidecar for the little ones, that is, by pushing (snapping) the bed close to you, so that you remove the lump from the inside. It may also be like putting a mattress on your big one next to your bed and, of course, getting some parents to caress your back or hold your hand.
Are you in the mid-day nursing for a two-year-old? Lovely challenge! I think you have to be creative and determined. It takes creativity to find out what engages the "big" for a while. Don't think about very big things, like a box of colored clothes pegs or kitchen utensils, of course, just what's harmless. Whisk, small bowl, plastic cups, smaller lids. Small butterflies, baby doll, magnetic puzzle. But you can put a good kid's music or a story into the show.
Of course, it's best not to worry about it now. because you can trust yourself to solve it there and then. You may have a much better idea than me.
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