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Why the hole in the felt tipper?

It was just 28 years ago that one of the ball-point pen punched the pen cap. Since then, many other manufacturers have adopted this technique and are saving more lives every year.

Why hole in the felt pen cap?A French drug maker made a decision in 1991 to punch a ballpoint pen cap. This results in a dehydration of the penis sooner, but this solution saves the lives of a couple of children every year. Every year there are many accidents, especially in the 6-15 year old age group, when swallowing the cap causes choking. Puncturing the caps helped the unfortunate child should continue to breathe air through the hole. Unfortunately, this is not a long-term solution, the rabbit can close the hole after a while, but it is possible to prevent choking until you get to the hospital. due to swallowing of the cap. Of course, you should see a doctor if your child swallows any object, and if he drowns, falls short, takes a breath, call an ambulance immediately.
  • This should be done when your child is alert
  • What should I do if I look up and my child drowns?
  • The amber was causing trouble again