5 great blogs for women

Do you have a bunch of time reading something nice that turns off? Juggle your head with all-day kidnapping and something good that made you laugh a little, or just curious about how others do it? Read mother blogs!

Little Pig, aka Muci

The author of the blog is Lucia, who is already a motorbike blogger. When it came to her that she was expecting a baby, there was nothing more natural than starting a blog for her. At one point, however, the story took a sudden turn, because the aforementioned Muci had arrived in the world in a hurry at around 27 grams by 1200 grams, and so the readership of the blog had suddenly turned into a fan, a jerk, a fan. They have watched a great deal about how the tiny little boy is growing and is an adorable, jovial, naughty little boy. The style of the blog author is light, entertaining, but at the same time the deeper sensations are very fine between the lines. Obligatory reading.


Originally working on the skin, the little mother, in no small part, commands the plasticine to really eat, or to save the nipple she saves, to cook it in the kitchen. her child, the "hatchet" and her own mother. No matter how difficult or unpredictable a situation is, you will try to do the best and the best. Motto: "Fuck yourself, god help me." It is good for this little spiritual uniqueness when we first start to suck our milky cows with chronic sleep deprivation. Let's say it at 20 minutes.


It would be inappropriate to list one of the best Hungarian language apablogs. And since he is an active warrior of paternal equality, I will not end the list by accident. After a longer break and after a major change, you can read the Hommelette blog again, where you can find really high-quality reviews on the parenting side of the child and the best kitchen practices. Not updated very often, but worth trying.

Lola's blog

Few people know, but Kriszta D. Tytth's series in the Women's Magazine has been discontinued, but we can still keep track of Lola's adventures on the Women's Magazine's Café blog. Anyone who likes typography will not be disappointed now. The blog has just been moved to a new title, in honor of the latest Lola book, now available at naglanykonyv.blog.nlcafe.hu.

Circus Baby - The Everyday Life of an Uncommon Baby

The philosophy of the blog could best be described by a quote from there: "There's no end to the world, if someone has DS but children who are at least as precious to their parents as an average child to an average child. "
It is impossible to say for a moment that baby, really big, has fallen on the stomachs of the blog. The diary is also special in that it has a lot of useful and detailed information about EC (diaper-born age). There are plenty of helpful development and care tips, tips, and ideas to do with many heartwarming and beautiful readings.


However, the title of your blog is very concise as you can follow your birth to a twin couple and cheat on this very high-profile blog, with lots of photos and videos updated on your blog. An added bonus to the weblog is that all parents keep the entries without any separation - just at the top of the posts you can read the mother or father's post - like the process.


Apart from the above, there are plenty of entertaining blogs.
If you are curious about the day-to-day life of a family with three kids, you might want to take a look at the Fetal Water Blog, if you want to read about more twin experiences, the Gemini Blog can be an exciting addition to the Twin House. You can read more entertaining and analytical posts on Lamadren and Montagn.
Even if we still have the time and energy to read more blogs, we have nothing more to do than click on the links listed below, and we will surely find the most appropriate reading for our taste and mood.