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Be awake at night!

Our lives are filled with a third of our sleep. Surprisingly, it is not only the quantity and quality of our sleep that affects our health: the sleeping posture you take up is just as important.

With about 95 percent of the population sleeping in the same posture every night, experts have collected benefits and harms from their favorite bushes.

Stable sideways

Good for reflux disease, bad for rabies.Expert opinion: Jim Horne, a professor at Loughborough University, said posture-like posture reduces gastric acid reflux and promotes digestion. Gastric and Esophageal Causes due to Weakness of the Stomach and Esophagus the key to suppressing reflux disease is that on our left fekьdjьnk. A study at a Philadelphia hospital showed that patients on the right side with stomach ache had longer gastric acid outflow from the larynx than patients on the left side. Dr. Dennis Wolf British Postpartum said that this posture exerts an increased pressure on the nasolabial folds, which run from the tip of the nose to the mouth, commonly called the laxatives. Depending on which side we sleep on, this page may have a deeper and more expressive laugh, which is due to the fact that the face is pressed against the parsnip.Tanбcs: If lying on the left does not help, stomach and digestive disorders we could also raise the head of the bedso that our upper body is higher than our stomach. So gravity keeps stomach acid down. According to Dr. Wolf, the softness of the silkworm caused it to reduce wrinkling, but this has not yet been proven.

Be awake at night!


Good for inflammation of the brain, bad for asthma, snoring, sleep apnea, and heart health.Expert opinion: Sammy Margo according to the physiotherapist, lying down is a good choice in inflammation of the brain and pain in the brain szenvedхknek since the нgy sъly distributed to the egйsz testьkцn, anйlkьl that one terьletet.Ugyanez kьlцn nyomnб the alvбsi pуz However kцztudottan kivбltja the horkolбst, kьlцnцsen tъlsъlyos felnхttek esetйben whom the neck elьlsх rйszйn lйvх plus zsнrmennyisйg felerхsнti pharynx elernyedйsйt egyenlхen. Even more severe is sleep apnea, in which case the pharynx is completely blocked, causing a temporary temporary shutdown for at least ten seconds. Dr. David Eccleston According to a family doctor in Birmingham, research has shown that blood levels of oxygen in the blood of sleepers are lower, which can be a problem in people with heart disease, in particular.Tanбcs: If this is your favorite sleeping posture, be sure to invest in a tough pillow. Lack of neck and back support can cause tension in the neck and shoulder muscles, which causes pain.


Good for headache, bad for neck pain and headache.Expert opinion: This is the most common sleeping position that helps counterbalance the back and waist load issues. Sammy Margo He believes that sleeping in the fetus will relieve pressure on the vertebrae and attract water to the vertebrae during sleep, which will help to repair the damage caused by exercise. However, it is also very important that the neck is aligned with the rest of the body so that it does not put too much pressure on the neck muscles and nerves, which can cause headaches in the morning.Tanбcs: It's a good idea to choose a pillow that fills the gap between the shoulder and the neck. If you are in a fetal torso, the spine and neck will form a straight line when properly supported.

Kiskifli - Large skipper

You are good for reducing stress, but it can cause pain.Expert opinion: Lying in each other's arms will definitely strengthen the relationship between two people, even dr. James Coan the study also found that bodily touch even when sleeping relieves stress However, this posture has the effect of lightening up our body in a way that aggravates existing physical and muscle aches.Tanбcs: According to Sammy Margo, we need to be awake at bedtime in terms of our sleep conditions. We choose a starting position that is comfortable for us, even if it has some physical distance between the couple.

Belly lying

Good for snoring, bad for gritting teeth, for pain and for numbness.Expert opinion: Belly stops snoring because the pharynx does not fall under the influence of gravity. However, if we use to grit our teeth, this posture can exacerbate this condition. In addition, this posture can also cause nerve disorders in the upper body. The uneven position of the neck and spine increases nerve pressure, especially in older people.Tanбcs: Йrdemes latex foam exercise because it takes on the shape of the body, providing better support for your spine than traditional mattresses.They may also be interested in:
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