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That's why healthy women freeze their egg cells

That's why healthy women freeze their egg cells

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It is a common practice for women to freeze their ova because they want to study or start a career instead of relationships and family. Now a research has uncovered the real cause, which is not at all.

That's why healthy women freeze their egg cellsAt the European Conference on the Human Reproductive and Embryonic Society, we presented the results of a research that explores what motivates healthy women to freeze their oocytes, and you want a child, a family, said the research leader, Marcia Inhorn.People generally think that women freeze their eggs because they want to focus on their careers and are afraid of having a baby and getting in trouble. However, the lack of a stable, committed partner motivates women to freeze their eggs. The study, which included 114 American and 36 Israeli women, yielded this result. 85 percent of the women who participated in the study were unique when they freeze their ova, only 15 percent) at the time of freezing, lived with a man who still did not want a child, or was too uncertain, may have had a fresh relationship, or may not have wanted a child at all. By the end of their 30s, most women did not survive in a stable relationship, and their career goals have been fulfilled. For a woman under 35, 10-12, for a woman over 35 about. You need to freeze 20 eggs in order to get pregnant.
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