No no no! - So treat the hist!

Hooded shit, crocodile wooing Autumn, on the ground, small - don't we need to show you how a real hysterical attack is going on? Fortunately, there is a way to suppress the doll's hysterics before it comes to the surface.

What to do if…… You refuse to eat dinner?

1. Don't break it!

Let them finish the puzzle or coloring before putting it on the table. For the little ones, eating is not important enough to end any play for it. If you don't break it off with your favorite baby car, your baby, there is less currency to cut the hysteria.

2. Let it tick.

If your kid is crying loud and you don't dare to bite into your mouth, you feel better if you don't force him. Take the shelter and let it go. According to research, toddlers like to chew on - the baby may be vehemently opposed to cooking at cooking, but if you leave her delicious snacks at a reasonable distance, she will return to the bowl at a convenient time.

3. Make it a dump!

Even if you seem to delay and make a lot of mess, it's a good idea to include a little bit in your kitchen operations. Whether you hand over the perks, or cling to the end of the wooden spoon, you help mix - if you feel that their work is in the food, you will taste it.… Are you getting crazy about your earnings?

1. Distract!

If you've made the mistake of starting a tired, hungry child for this week's big bump, try to get your attention again. Count how many things have been put in your baskets, look for red products together, or just talk to them about what you will play when you get home.

No no no! - So treat the hist

2. Exclude your stare!

Think that you are not the first mom whose baby stomachs on the floor and flew out in the middle of the store. Do not bother with leaning glances, just stay calm - calmness is catchy, just like nervousness.

3. Enjoy it!

Toddlers still have little control over their feelings, and they change lightly. In these uncertain times, there is an even greater need for maternal love. After you explain why you shouldn't believe it any more, crouch down beside it and ask if you want a treat.… Instead of going to bed are you awake?

1. Flexible timing

You can really get a good night's sleep if you are clear with your little mood and feelings. When you feel like you're exhausted sooner than usual, don't wait until the exuberant fatigue turns into a hysteria, but rather bring your dinner, bath and evening tale to life.

2. Let the rope go!

Of course, there is a need for a pre-bedtime routine, but let the little ones control it! You can also turn off the light or remove the storybook from the shelf. Just make sure you always tell him in advance what the next step will be, it will greatly help him tune in, for example, "This is the last tale, we will turn off the light."

3. Stay with her!

You may not be looking forward to being a baby at the end of a whimpering baby, but if you haven't spent enough time alone in the daytime, you will be asking for the evening. Before bathing, ask you to choose your favorite three games and play with them just a little attention.… Intermingled in witchcraft?

1. Show me an example!

Request an apology from the other child and the parents, and show sympathy - this will affect the little one as well. If you see that you understand why you have behaved badly, you will learn that it is normal for you to feel frustrated, but it is unacceptable to blame others for that.

2. So determined!

One of the most common weapons of the little one is the bite, especially during the period of rigging. At this point, almost everything in your mouth comes to mind, but if you are biting your teeth, tell him firmly that this is not a nice thing and you will be saddened. This sentiment is known and understood by the youngest.

3. Count it back!

Is he "supported" because he needed another play immediately? Teach for patience at home! Make the sharing live: before you give it a game, explain that you have to wait 20 seconds for the subject and then recite it aloud - you will learn to pick it out soon. You may also be interested in:
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