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Program tips for the winter

Music dolls, angling, vintage cars, traditional programs, smile festival. Which one did you like?

Family Day in Ubud

On the 6th of July, the organizers will invite you to the Ubud Museum for a family day. Everything about dolls: musical puppets, fun-loving puppets, puppets, glamorous lures. On the 14th of July, Rick and his band Farkashazzi perform in public, singing, singing, dancing and playing big and small.
Tickets: full ticket 800 Ft, discount 400 Ft, family 2000 Ft, free under 6 years
Location: Ubud Museum
Budapest III., Fõ tér 1.
Date: 10am - 3pm

Gastronomic Picnic, Night Market - children's angling competition

The nine-week-long picnic will be held between June 22 and August 20, Millennium. Every week on Saturdays and Sundays, there is a market for dairy farmers from 9 am, which is organized weekly with other themes. In the marketplace there are handmade food products (wood, leather, fur), besides organic food (honey, syrup, cheese, spice, oil, marmalade, fresh herbs, dried). This weekend, the focus of fishing is on the hunt, and children under the age of 12 can see their knowledge of the bait and lures temporarily planted in the duo. Entry children compete in a paddle board provided by the organizers. He wins a pack of wins and magazines that catch the most fish.
The event is free.
Location: Millenbris
Budapest II., 16-20 Kis Rуkus Street.
Date: 10am to 6pm

Veteran car wonder

On Saturday, veteran car lovers can enjoy more than 80 car rides on Szechenyi Square in Budapest. Specialized vehicles built before December 31, 1976 for the Seventh International Veterinary Autumn Tour of Donau Masters - departing from Germany for the Austrian and Slovak Republics. The unmatched space is made up of several Porsche, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz and Triumph models, among others. The tourists are expected to arrive at Szechenyi Square after 17.30, where interested people can see the regional specialties until the morning of next week.
The event is free
Location: Budapest V., Széchenyi Street

Blahlin society

This is the tenth time this year, where visitors are invited with family programs. Do you know what a yurt looks like, what is it like to be cool and have you ever heard of the ancient dragonfly order? All of this is now light. It will be a time travel for the better: if you are curious about military traditions and contemporary waters, the foundations of the Homeland, the Carpathian Age, the Knighthood, the Turks, the Kuruts, the Magi and the XIX. from the century, visit this event on Sunday!
Entry is free
Date: 11.00 pm
Location: Turkey, Szürzsskert
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Over the weekend, we set up Smile City in the country. Where can this fabulous place be? If you want to be a part of this three-day miracle, you should go ring. The city is transforming, from Friday to Sunday, everything here comes from the little ones. Ringing Olympics, Magazines, Double Drums, Firewood Maze, Adventure Games, Flying Mouse, Winged Adventure, Great Swing and Little Cuckoo, Little Red Riding Hood.
The programs are free for all children wearing a festival armband. Every jolly kid who wears a photo of her smile gets a wristband.
The event takes place at several locations in Győr.