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Children are more persistent than formal athletes

Children are more persistent than formal athletes

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Here's the explanation, why don't the little ones get lost in the game.

Kids Are More Persistent Than Official Athletes (Fotу: iStock) Sometimes it seems like kids have almost infinite energy and never get tired. And this is not just what parents think, according to a study from 2018 the endurance of children is beyond that of a regular athlete.The study looked at 12 little boys between the ages of 8 and 12 years, 12 untrained men and 13 formal athletes (triathletes, athletes, cyclists). Each group had to perform high-intensity exercises so that the researchers could see how quickly they were fading away. Children and adults also need to perform aerobic exercise - when oxygen is supplied by the blood to the muscles - and anaerobic exercise - when relying on the body's existing energy reserves during exercise. followed which line of measurement of aerobic energy performance. Then 30 seconds of cycling followed, which had to be rolled as fast as possible, and now anaerobic performance was measured. After exercise, participants also measure heart rate, oxygen levels, and how quickly lactate is released from the body - lactic acid, which is also responsible for muscle mass - to make sure they are healing fast.The survey has shown that children have fatigued muscles that allow them to recover quickly from high-intensity exercise Children also recovered from adults in the cycling test: performance decreased by only 35.2%, while athletes decreased by 41.8% and non-athletic men by 51.8%. - Research has shown that children have much better aerobic metabolism, so they are less tired of high-intensity physical activity - said Sebastian Ratel, an associate professor at the University of Clermont Auvergne in the research. This may explain why they are able to play so much after adults have become fatigued. The study also found that aerobic fitness, Diabetes Test (VIA)Related links: