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It is a medical task and responsibility to encourage family members to breastfeed their mother by meditating on breastfeeding.

Nutrition 1x1

When it comes to giving baby food, your doctor can make a variety of choices.
On the other hand, the other side of the grave is that when you are not producing enough breast milk or breastfeeding your mother and you cannot get enough milk, you should be on time with artificial diets. However, it is important that before the doctor prescribes nutrition, it is important to find out why the child is not gaining weight, what is the reason for not producing enough milk. This can be helped in many cases.

They are made from cow's milk

All diets available in our country strict licensing procedure it falls bt. That is why - although there may be minor differences in the composition of the luminaire - it is not a good idea to switch to a stomach that leans heavily on children every week, thinking that "it is too difficult".
Formulations are made from cows' milk, but during the manufacturing process they change the ratio of each ingredient to make it more similar to breast milk. This is because cow's milk is completely different in composition than breast milk, for example, it contains much more and other ingredients in white. Cow's milk is difficult to digest for the little ones, and even malnutrition can lead to malabsorption and malnutrition. More than a thousand infant milk should not be given, it is better to treat the lack of breast milk with the right formula.


There are two large groups of gifts: one for healthy babies for simple nutrition, as well as those who have a particular nutritional need.
Simple formulas can be divided into three groups: the first step is often represented by the number 1 breast milk formulawhich we can give up to one year old, but we can change the number 2 from five to six months, followers on diets too. These can be purchased up to three years old, but from the eighth month baby milk we can also choose instead.
Nutritional markings of 3 or 2+ appeared in the past years. Baby milk is slightly more expensive than store milk - we can also choose cow's milk over the age of one - who, in turn, can afford the extra price, but prefers baby milk. Breastfeeding formula with formula 2, 2+, 3 does not support the purchase of health safe food, nor can it be prescribed.

Allergies and hypoallergenic formulas

If your baby is prone to allergies, we recommend a formula that contains partially broken (hydrolyzed) milk from cow's milk. It is important to know that if an allergic disease occurs in the family, and so the child is more prone to it, HA supplements will be supported until the age of one year. It's worth asking for a recipe for a cow, because we only have to pay over the counter - yes, it still costs as much as support hipoallergйn nutrition for complete skin.
In case of developed cow's milk allergy, instead of the HA formula, only specially prescribed herbal supplements prescribed by a doctor should be administered. Infant formula may also be given to infants who are allergic to milk, but this is not recommended before the age of six months, and about ten to seven percent of children respond with allergic symptoms.

Sûrы formula

I fell a lot, for reflux babies we recommend denser formulations containing safflower seed kernels. The box shows the inscription AR, which comes from the anti-reflux label. Its essence is that its denser condition makes it harder to miss the tiny stomach. Another result is the creation of the HA + AR Special Nutrition, which combines the beneficial hypoallergenic and anti-reflux properties. This is important because allergies also tend to reflux.

Funny bacteria in the diet

The advent of two-three-year innovations in the advent of prebiotic infant formulas. Probiotics are known as beneficial bacteria of the stomach flu (such as lactobacillus or bifidus) - such a diet could be obtained in the past, but it is recommended that the diarrhea or broad-spectrum antibiotic should be resolved.
Normal infant formulas are not only about the probiotic tilt. Finnish studies suggest that during the first months of life, lactobacillus also has an allergy-preventing effect - an important aspect, as many allergic children. Naturally, the probiotic content is only high in infants, because it is naturally formed and replanted in the breast milk that contains the beneficial bacteria.
It is important to know in practice that the probiotic supplement should be dissolved in water no higher than 60 degrees Celsius, especially the "good bacteria" 's viability and efficiency is reduced.

Infant formula

A common complaint is that nutritional babies his stock is harder, the little one has a hard time out of it. It has been found that the stool is responsible, to a significant degree, for the presence of significant amounts of complex carbohydrates, oligosaccharides, in breast milk. Because these probiotic bacteria also serve as diets, other names have become known as prebiotics. If your baby receives this formula, his or her stool may be flatter.

Ready, save

In Hungary, formulations marketed in the form of predominantly powder are available. These should be pre-boiled and then dissolved in cooled water. In the West and in the United States, pre-made, ready-to-use glass solutions that are similarly just thawed, or are already ready, are popular in the glass. They are much more expensive than traditional powders.
Prepare the solution as described on the side of the nutrition box and following the schedule. Do not add the first quantity of powder to the boiled and then cooled water! We make the mistake of thinking that the baby is fine, if it is thicker - excessively dense liquids can obliterate the pacifier of the pacifier. Because - because the formula so prepared is thicker - the baby's thirst will be thirstier, she will cry, and we may think that she is hungry and fed again. This may also be one of the reasons that "sick babies" are more likely to die than fed on breast milk.

Nutritious golden rules

  • Adhere to the prescribed heating rate.
  • Always make it fresh!
  • At room temperature, two hours are lost.
  • Do not store it in the refrigerator 24 hrs!
  • Make sure you have the correct size for your dummy hole: holding it down for a second is a drop.

  • Melegнtйs

    We do not recommend microwave ovens for heating the prepared formula, as not completely dissolved pellets and fluids are heated to the same extent and can cause the baby to overheat. However, it is safe to use in everyday practice, just make sure that you mix the formula well after heating.
    When feeding, keep the glass well tilted and allow the child to breathe outdoors. Never let a glass full of nutritious or sugary liquids fall asleep in the mouth! Nutrition is an excellent nutrient medium for bacteria, which can cause diarrhea more often and more easily, and it also predisposes to caries.

    An accurate diagnosis!

    The four-month-old Laurt was brought to the gastroenterological order due to frequent failures. His father had fallen, so he received an anti-reflux treatment. Although the problem did not completely disappear, Laura was well developed and prospered. However, a few days ago the number of failures increased again, so they were referred to the clinic for reflux treatment.
    The parent said that the child had a two-day rise in heat and that some of the downs could be considered as more of a homicide. I did not find any reason for the higher temperature in my examination: Laurel's throat, lungs, belly, tummy were not normal, so I had a urine test, and my suspicion was confirmed:
    The effect of this antibiotic is well cured, the fallout vomiting has disappeared. In contrast to the visuals, the AR diet was the solution.
    Dr. Veres Gbor gastroenterologic pediatric.
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