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Segнtsйg! Daddy doesn't babe!

Women's and men's roles are changing. It is natural for the father to go into the parent's room and take part in the baby's activities. But what if the reverse is true for us? Should the father be three steps away from the ashtray table?

No diapers, no feeding, no bathing - lists Anita Mandanaki Molnárr Molnár, who is with her two-year-old boy, Erik, while her two-year-old baby, Liza, is a kindergarten. "These are all things that are unequivocally decided, saying it's a mother's job. And Laci's a very good dad, he does a lot of work with children. playing football, cheering to your favorite handball team, or to watch an auto race. "

Mandjak is a family

While we are talking to the playwright, Laci, Daddy for a second does not lose sight of the children when he is playing, swinging the swing, playing memory games with the older ones if necessary. Not the type who sits down on the edge of the sandbox to push his phone, and Anita confirms this. It's a little while before they finish the game, Liza wins, runs to the studs, so I can ask Laci after all.
"I like to be out there a lot more with the kids, so I feel like I'm not adapting to them, but I need them to, and it's easier to handle them," the father begins. "At home, most times between the four walls I feel suffering health. There are so many games that you don't even know what to play and they always do something that you shouldn't. Blland is going not to do this, don't wake up there, don't open it. If I take care of me, I'd rather take them out for a walk or visit them with the dude, "says Laci, who also sincerely speaks about the activities in Babylon." much better suited to it. So if he is close by, he doesn't dare to do it myself. So are the baths and the sleeping. It is not only where I work and I need to relax myself. Megold It solves team warming much faster, and the child is used to getting up at night. I tried to put it to sleep, but it didn't work, so we didn't force it, "adds Laci, who says they are classically women's and men's tasks.

Who can arroul if the father passes?

As we usually say, when the baby arrives, both mother and father are born to them, who are constantly learning about childbirth.
"There is a lot to rely on that how much freedom a mother gives her dad"We, Mom, tend to think we know better, do it faster, and that's where things get worse." A typical case has happened in one family. The mother went for a medical exam, and Dad stayed home with the little baby who was a few months old. Mom was just down the street when her husband knocked on the window of the house. She was born after she was born, because the child got up. The pregnant mother was annoyed, but she went back and cleaned the child. Well, maybe it shouldn't have been, "adds vйdхnх. "Everything is just a matter of routine, and a dad can at least do as much babysitting as a mother. But it doesn't do us any good to push things or even make them worse. It's also a good idea. spontaneous father-child lambs: while we're jumping for a hairdresser or just hanging out with our friends, say once a week, dad can feel important about his baby. "

Let's learn to be a father!

Lots of things on my motherwho can, with confidence, patience, persuasion, make sure that fathers have a good standard, and from time to time they can replace the fatherhood.
"It has to be noted that men are not as born parents as we women are, since they are largely passive," explains dr. Battonyai Tünde is a psychiatrist. "When a baby is born, the baby has nine months of benefit to the father in the marriage. But with that, we lose the opportunity for the father to try himself, criticize him even for the sake of being left behind, and never get a routine, "the man adds. "It also helped a lot to get our dad involved during the pregnancy, for example, going to ultrasound, examining, preparing. If we put the baby together, it will be much easier for her after childbirth."
Of course, it matters a lot about the family pattern, how much grandparents are supported, and how they shop fatherly tasks friends. But you must also know that nothing is etched in stone.
"My experience is that paternal attitudes are very malleable and can change at any time," says the psychiatrist. "There are incalculable factors to childbirth. Dad may initially think he won't go to his parents' room, and he will change his mind. treat our fathers as equal partners and give us a chance to try them out. "