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Useful tips for vegetarian pregnant women

The vegetarian lifestyle is spreading around the world. There are many urns beside him, perhaps the same number against him. There are many doctors who warn you, especially if you are pregnant or with small children.

The effect of a meat-free diet affects the entire body. Generally speaking, it enhances the function of the immune system and reduces the risk of tumors and other diseases associated with our civilization, our lifestyle, such as obesity. vegetarian diet It is rich in minerals and vitamins and has a high fiber content that prevents constipation. Plant proteins are easier and faster to digest than white flesh, producing less damaging byproducts and thus putting less strain on our body overall. Consuming whole-value cereals, greens, and fruits regulates blood sugar, fat metabolism and blood pressure, and is therefore particularly effective for small children.

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Many forms of vegetarian expression can cover a variety of diets. Those who consume milk, dairy products and eggs in addition to the vegetarian diet, lacto-ovo vegetarian. If you don't eat eggs, just plants and dairy products, then lacto-vegetбriбnus. Exclusively flora lives on a vegбnok.

What are the dangers of eating without a meal?

Fehйrjehiбny: some of the protein (essential amino acids) in the protein cannot be provided by the human body. If you are missing out on your food, you may develop a white deficit. Animal whites are fully valued, that is, we have everything we need. The plants, with the exception of the soya, did not contain all the whites of the whites.The consumption of dairy products, eggs and soya avoids the deficiency of whites. If this is not regular, you can get a full complement of white with a complete white diet. This means consuming cereals, legumes, grasses and oilseeds in the right proportion - so you get all the amino acids. (See our daily schedule!)

Pay attention to balanced diet

Vashiбny: iron absorption from animal diets is more effective. In addition, phytates, oxalic acids and fibers, which are abundant in plant raw materials, impair iron absorption. As an exception, we recommend vegetarians to consume high-iron plants (mangoes, diuts, oatmeal, dried fruits). You know that vitamin C almost doubles iron absorption.Kalciumhiбny: some herbal substances reduce calcium absorption. For this reason, those who live only on their diets should use calcium-rich raw materials. These include dark green vegetables (succulents, nuts, parsley), legumes, whole grains, oilseeds (especially sesame seeds), and dried fruits.Vitamin B12 deficiency (cobalamin deficiency): It is doubtful whether the body will get enough vitamin B12 if it is consumed only in plants, as this substance is found only in animal foods. Its absence leads to crippled anemia and irreversible nervous system damage. This is a danger to the mother, the fetus, the nursing mother and the baby eating the vegan! Unfortunately, in recent years, not a few infant and small children have been hospitalized for this, and there were some who could not be helped. We pay close attention to the control of the blood! Cobalamin is not naturally consumable from pure plant materials, although some sources say the algae, spirulina algae, contain a certain amount. The best solution is to use vitamin B12 pharmacy remedies. The question arises as to why vegan groups do not suffer from cobalamin deficiency. The answer is perhaps surprising: they don't pay so much attention to hygiene, so they get this important vitamin from foods contaminated with different microorganisms.

Complete chart of values

Morning: wholemeal cereal with peanut butter, sour milk (boil the muesli so it can be better digested)
Tizzo: A fruit of your choice.Ebйd: green beans cooked with sunflower milk, one and two slices of wholemeal flour. If desired, you can cook cereal.Lunch: plant milk, fruit juice, fruit of your choice.Dinner: sour and wholemeal flour blended with flaky sunflower, cashew milk or colostrum. (You can find the ingredients in organic stores, bio grocery stores, or organic markets.)

Little baby on a ranch

We must pay special attention to ensure that our organization does not suffer from anything. Using a wide variety of raw materials lacto-ovo vegetarian diet in the case of nothing, there is no risk to the health of the expectant mother if the milk products and the eggs appear in the proportion in the chart. Eating baby food for the baby requires more attention. Avoiding protein deficiency consumes more legumes, and their puffing effect can be unpleasant during baby feeding. Particular attention should be paid to iron and vitamin B12, and therefore a blood count test is required. Well, if the measured values ​​are analyzed by a person who is familiar with the functioning of the vegetarian organism, some of the vitamins and minerals in the basic diet of vegetarians are lower than flesh. This is because the breakdown of the animal protein itself consumes a portion of our vitamin and mineral stores.

Baby trend hъs nйlkьl

According to international dietary studies, infants and young children can grow up healthy on vegetarian meals. Of course, only if you avoid the pitfalls mentioned above. Because the digestive system of children is immature, the capacity of their stomachs to be smaller, easy to digest, we need more nutritious food, and this is not always simple with a vegetarian diet. I was wearing oil use of that Dishes with ground cereals And it is avokбdу bevezetйse. While breast milk occupies a significant place in the diet of the baby (and the mother does not suffer from vitamin deficiency), it is certain that enough protein, iron, and vitamin are available. Replenishing with a special formula if the baby is not breastfeeding. Legumes need to be introduced earlier than end children, as they provide adequate protein intake for vegetarians in plants. THE non-ossified oilseeds (sunflower, sesame, pumpkin, and flax) also play a big role in the diet of endangered babies - naturally pressed, minced.

To whom it was worth

Juhászné Matus Johanna twelve years old vegetarian. His grandfather, Gergh, (over), is overprotective on flora, and the little Bkos (six months old) is now starting to taste breast milk. Gergh sometimes gets soured dairy products and eggs, and regularly takes multivitamin supplements. I myself used ninety-nine percent of the plant ingredients in my cases, not even during pregnancy. My doctor, fortunately, had no objection to it, saying that anyone would have a blood picture. I got a routine iron binge, but it is "good" for us all. A smart baby is born with a kale, is perfectly healthy and is developing well. Gergh sometimes asks us why we don't eat meat or milk like the grandmothers. Then I say, "weaken our" soldiers, "who watch over us. I fell for his immune system, and I really liked being compared to an army. For the time being, with this comment, he was overwhelmed. We still do not know what it will cost for every child in the ovary to eat food like this.

Fruit-free diet

If you do not want to consume meat, you should especially buy the right diet. Pregnancy and breastfeeding there is no denying the other animal whites, dairy products, eggs. It is also worth eating fish once a week.White is usually too much on the table. Quality is more important than quantity. Brown rice is easy to digest and the white in it is well absorbed. Wash with lentils, pepper, beans, oilseeds, soy products. All of these also contain zinc, which is equally important for fetal development. For proper iron intake, a portion of meat can be burned with more portions of green. Especially the roaring green leaf kale, spinach, soy, chick peas, sesame seeds, dried apricots, figs, whole grains contain a lot of iron. Eat them with a vitamin C rich drink (orange, lemon lemonade) and also think that coffee, tea and milk inhibit iron absorption. be. Regularly put on the table full of valuable white (oilseeds, di, hazelnuts, legumes, dairy products). Raw vegetables and fruits are needed every day. For a short time, cook the steaks carefully to avoid losing the nutrients they contain. Just buy fresh vegetables and consume them quickly because they lose a lot of their vitamin content during storage. Soothe your thirst with herbal tea, fruit juice and soda water. Instead of three releases, let's install five or six smaller ones.They may also be interested in:
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