A new tick species has appeared in Hungary

A new tick species has appeared in Hungary

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A dangerous tick species has appeared in the country. According to the president of the Hungarian Bull Movement, the tick season is now full year.

A new tick species has appeared in Somogy and Tolna counties on Dun Duntont. Little is known about the health risks of public health experts, said Zoltán Kapiller, president of the Hungarian Treasury Association, who said that it has been a full season for the whole year. From the end of February to the middle of July is the first big drawing, then from the beginning of August to the middle of November.A new tick species has appeared in Hungary "This does not mean that you do not have to keep ticks in the summer season, and even if you go to a beach on the Lake Balaton or a bathing on the Danube, you have to look at the ubiquitous ubiquitous or bikini. Zoltán Kapiller also called attention. Zoltán Kapiller also said that when we go out, we should not go to wildlife, wildlife, wildlife, visit the most frequented areas of the world. at which time of the day we work, as ticks are most often drawn in the morning and in the Dukes of Duluth. The higher the day, the less ticks are present. As a precaution, you recommend tick repellents and keep checking yourself. If you find a tick, remove it immediately, 94 percent inject one of the variants of the Lyme Course.
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