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Oblique: may develop from infections, drafts

Congenital abnormalities can be oblique, but can be caused by muscle problems, drafts, or even tumors.

Oblique: may develop from infections, draftsThe name oblique refers to the condition when somebody is holding his neck obliquely. According to Dr. Arnold Dnes Arnold MSc, Pain Center Wound, a pain specialist, acupuncturist, from congenital abnormalities, there may be many acquired causes that need to be addressed.

What are the non-congenital causes?

When one has the experience of the neck tilting to the side and the other pointing to the other, we can speak of a torticollis. This is a relatively common birth defects, often caused by muscle loss during childbirthwhich can be handled well.However, the problem may get smaller. The most common reasons for this are: - diseases of the central nervous system,
- neck or spinal cord spasm which causes muscle cramps,
- an infection in the head or neck which tightens muscles due to inflammation,
- diseases of the throat and / or upper respiratory tract, causing enlargement or ganglia of lymph nodes,
- infections that affect the ear, jaw, teeth, nasal passages.Drnold warns that the skin may be rarer but also causes such as inflammation of the cervical spine, inflammation of the spine, and other causes such as drug use (which results in a lack of muscle regulation), certain cardiovascular disorders and tumors.

Types of oblique

Бtmeneti torticollisA problem that occurs for one to two days is often caused by the use of a draft or air conditioning, which causes swollen lymph nodes. It typically does not require a handler.Muscle-derived torticollis
This is the most common cause of oblique formation when, for some reason, the muscles on one side of the neck become more tight. This cause should be investigated by the physician and treated naturally.I have a torricoll
If you have a chronic problem with your muscles or bone structure, you may have persistent skulls. Because it is often caused by a disease of the central nervous system, a neurological examination may be important. Rarely, however, a tumor growing on the spine may push the nerves around the neck.Cervicalis dystonia
Also known as spastic torticollis, the cervical muscles are involuntarily contracted and the effect of this slow, cramped movement is reversed and tilted.

When should I consult a doctor?

- First and foremost, the symptoms determine when it comes to asking for help. If neurologic symptoms occur, neck muscles tense, tense, tilt or tilt of the head, difficulty in controlling eye or tongue, or headache in addition to the symptoms, day, for example, "falling asleep", it is definitely worth making a diagnosis - emphasizes dr. Arnold Dnes Arnold MSc, Pain Center Center Wound, Pain Specialist, Acupuncture.- Of course, if bodily injury is the cause, it should also be tested without transport. You may also need to have procedures for accurate diagnosis, and then, based on physical examination and anam . Medical collagen injection, which reduces pain and treats causes, can be used more effectively. With different degrees of effectiveness, various physical therapy treatments, such as stroke wave therapy, can provide a solution to laser therapy and medical acupuncture. And what in most cases is a great help in preventing healing is a specialty gymnastics tailored to your personal needs.
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