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Children's race on Borboros Square: a 9 year old was the busiest

On Sunday afternoon in an downtown skate park, an aggressive group of kids attacked the kids playing there. They were captured by the police. The oldest parent was not even 13 years old.

The Skate Park (Photo: Mohos Mбrton / 24h)Balavбny Gyцrgy, the son of ъjsбgнrуja нrta tцrtйnetйt.Vasбrnap dйlutбn the Borбros tйri the vбros one of the biggest skate-parkjбban a team megtбmadta agresszнv children in the park jбtszу children. They were beaten with a knife, and when they were dropped to the ground, they were kicked. They took their bags and ran away, but they were captured by the police soon after. Zsiggaar's son, Zsiga, was among the attacked children. "I reported on the case that my thirteen-year-old son phoned me on the phone: Dad, relax, I'm good, but they took me to the police to interrogate. come in to me. His voice trembled. In fact, mine is "- says Balaványny. with us, ”the boy said during the interview. Then they left, but twice as many came back, muttered, "dogged," and started beating. I was frozen, I was shocked, I didn't know what to do, what was going to happen, they were so overwhelmed. When the attackers saw that they were going up, they picked up the runners and ran away, straight into the police who had been born by then. Then we went there, I quickly shot a picture, but it didn't work very well because I was nervous. One guy in the middle of the crowd told the police, "It's really funny that they get me in, they can't do anything to me, and then my dad comes." "Like the nine-year-old was, according to many, threatening, knife-threatening." even amongst our existing staff, we are moving forward, coming from Zigzag's interrogated policing patient group.
A father who tбmadуk egyikйnek szьlхje, went to the folyosуra where were the sйrtettek szьlei йs said, "not йrti what you're looking for х son here higgyьk, it's not a bad kid, I always tell him not to barбtkozzon with the with the bad guys, and now. "
"Цreg йjjel was when kijцhettьnk vйgre the rendхrnх kцrbevezetett not to move бt the aggressors szьleinek nervously cigizх csoportjбn; outside бlltak the bejбrat ​​elхtt, feldъltak were йs loud." "Zsiga was kimerьlt, go with the feltйtellel in ebйd utбn, to keep the lesson before going to bed, but now we let it go by mutual agreement. I was talking about how much grace that no one was hurting, and a little bit about what was going on with guys like my kids. What the hell is a child of nine on the Borobar field on a bright day, "I'll take my food and take your throat, cute little bitch?" Because only kids were my kids, i can happen to us at home, what kind of patterns are there? " As far as I am aware, they must be held accountable for group criminality and looting. For example, because of the lowering of the probationary age, the robbing of a twelve-year-old boy who is not the first one to do so does not mean that they should be placed in a closed institution. And who mostly give to their surroundings what they have been given. A child raised in brittleness has brittleness. "