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Families' Budget Can Be Next Year's Budget

Families' Budget Can Be Next Year's Budget

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Mihály Varga called the Budget for Families a Budget for 2020, and the Government is proposing a Budget to reverse the process of nipple.

The Minister of Finance stated that the government is offering a family-friendly budget to reverse the process of spillover in the House this week. He added that the budget for 2020 has not yet been formally named, but the first signs are that the budget will not be called family budget, and then help, safety.Families' Budget Can Be Next Year's Budget Mihably Varga said that for the coming year, it will be a great help to those living in small settlements that after the renovation, extension and construction of the real estate - the amount of the loan can be reimbursed in the amount of millions. In practice, this means that the йrintett kistelepьlйsi csalбdi otthonteremtйsi kedvezmйnyben (known nevйn rural kisses) terьleteken approximately HUF 30 milliу йpнtkezйsi kцltsйgig back tudjбk igйnyelni the бfбt.A pйnzьgyminiszter бrbevйtelы cйgek over HUF 100 milliу emlнtette jelentхs kedvezmйnyekйnt to the eltцrlik adуfeltцltйs December 20th, so that the companies concerned will only have to pay their full tax at the same time as they submit their tax returns in May. The budget, based on favorable economic indicators, has the potential to raise 150-170 billion forints from the supercharged budget only five months later, said Varga. On the positive side, he mentioned last year's 2.2% general government deficit, as well as this year's first quarterly financial results, also known as the " 2 percentage points down, while small business tax is down from 13 percent to 12 percent. developer small and medium-sized businesses could benefit from this type of tax rebate. The head of the department also noted that even in 2010, the highest concentration in Hungary was in the field of adcentralization; The government's goal is that the tax system does not suppress business, but rather helps business activity, says Varga Mihably.
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