When should women be born?

Some people say that they should talk to little kids about it from school.

Leading experts think that nine-year-olds should be educated about fertility as soon as they get to family planning, so the Telegraph has no problem.Adam Balen Professor, President of the British Productive Society, said that it would be necessary to send messages and information to the students as soon as possible in schools to help them maximize their chances of success.The page says that little is known about the factors that affect their fertility in the future. And not to be so simple, they receive contradictory advice from many placeswhich may confuse them. Last year, a survey was conducted in Britain, 2019 women were interviewed, and most said that people over the age of 44 should say that to be a mother. In a survey of opinion polls, it was also found that the majority of women said that the government should not provide health care to women of such age to become pregnant. The main reason was that time the health risk of pregnancy is much higherand it would not be fair to treat the child if their parents had not been able to grow up because the child was dying at a young age.Also, in 2015, a New York study concluded that the ovaries did not freeze, it reduces the chance that women can give a child a shorter life. And just a few months before, a Spanish study appeared that it would be worth 35 years for women to freeze their oocytes. And according to a Dutch study, those who want at least three children should have their first baby by the age of 23.Also read these:
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