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7 things that we thought were healthy, but not

There are surprising things in between, read on!

You didn't care what kind of cereal you give your baby

Kid's breakfast with flakes

Although the breakfast flakes made especially for kids, there were countless little labels on the box that told you how much added vitamins and minerals they had, in most cases irish diabetic bomb too. In fact, they contain 40 percent more sugar than variants made for adults. The color versions also show off their artificial colors. Let's stop the kid's pranks and leave them in the store!

Scented candles

Many are aware that different air fragrances are dangerous to our health, but fewer people know that their favorite scented paraffin candles are just as harmful. In fact, among them toxic materials tбvoznak. Choose from more natural waxes with added fragrance and colorless variations, and the wool should always be cotton.

Frozen Yogurt

Yogurt-based ice creams in different franchise systems are not as healthy as we first think. Because they contain more sugar and less fat than regular ice cream, our body processes quicker carbohydrate in a matter of seconds our blood glucose levels are going up. Although optional fruits are healthy, various candies and chocolates further worsen the situation.

Canned vegetables

Yes, green is always a good choice, but the canned version should always be the last thing we aim for. The inside wall of canned food is one and a half times more BPA coating can be found that distinguishes green from metal. And, as we all know, BPA is a very toxic compound that can upset our hormone balance and cause overweight, diabetes, infertility and cancer. What's more, the canned greens usually have a very high content of soda.

Plastic bottled waters

Many people know that sun-drenched bottles of bottled water can leak health-damaging BPA into the water, but it is not really stated that there is a substance in the plastic bottle that can cause cancer. And this is nothing more than that antimony (a kind of heavy duty) that can even dissolve from PET bottles. If we consume a lot of drinks (especially acidic ones) from a plastic bottle, our concerns about it are not unfounded. Prefer glassy drinks and bottles!


Do you think it is healthy because it contains oatmeal and oily seeds? Unfortunately, it is not. Granola it is full of sugar, as a quarter of an inch is a huge slap in the face for our glucose levels. We prefer plain oatmeal with fruits, we're better off!


Many people believe that taking them can boost your immune system, even though the truth is that they kill just as much as a dead slap. Research has proven that our body is not able to utilize the vitamins taken with pills as well as it can with real food. These are the big ones they get through our stomach unusedand finally land in the toilet. Let's stay with the good old green fruit combo!They may also be interested in:
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