Do this for the first 24 hrs so that you can breastfeed well

There are those who do great breastfeeding right away, others need some time to get in, and there are others who really succeed after waking up - if at all. Here are some tips to improve your chances!

Breastfeed immediately!

Newborns are surprisingly knowledgeable in the first stages of their lives, and in most cases, they have the opportunity to be together. In this case, ъn. colostrum from the breast, which has many positive effects on the baby's body. In addition, during lactation, oxytocin is produced, which enhances astringency but also aids the regeneration of the bee.Breastfeeding can get better!

Have fun!

Skin contact also contributes to the success of breastfeeding, as well as regulating low heart rate, body temperature, breathing and glucose levels.

Be supportive!

Tell the hospital that you definitely want to breastfeed! It is also worth discussing with direct family members, as they can help you more efficiently (for example, by removing the burden of cooking and cleaning).

Consult your Breastfeeding Advisor!

It's still worth talking to him even if all goes well, because he can give you great tips! Many hospitals have breastfeeding advice, but you can call one yourself.

Don't give up the Newborn!

Fortunately, most hospitals have rooming-in, which means you can stay with your baby all the time. So you can try to breast-feed regularly, which can also speed up your milk intake.

Don't watch the urb!

The advice that you should breastfeed at certain times is considered obsolete! On-demand breastfeeding also has a very good effect on the relationship between the mother, the baby and the two (and of course the success of breastfeeding itself, the amount of milk). In addition, breast milk is very quickly digested by the baby, and only a small amount in her tiny stomach, so she is constantly eating. In the first period do not count on the system, on the agenda, but it will develop over time.

Take care of yourself!

Try enough healthy meals and try to relax! These are all essential for the success of breastfeeding - maintaining breast milk is a serious physical task that can take a lot of time for your body! (Via)You may also be interested in:
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