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Baby's Ideal Schedule - Top Guidelines for Dieting Under 1 Year

For some reason, most parents think that paying attention to their diet until the child's 1 year of age, and then eating the same as adults. This is a huge myth, baby 1 year old does not suddenly grow up.

Fortunately, it is well known how important nutrition can be to prevent a number of civilization illnesses (high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, obesity, allergies, etc.). This is not a small percentage, very high! It is not right to trivialize and say "we are grown up, we have nothing wrong". Yes, it can be explained by the fact that there were other environmental conditions and there was not as accurate data as we now have (how many occur in the population). However, this is certainly not a reason why our child's health should not be monitored according to the latest, proven guidelines. From now on, we will be taking daily needs from 6 months to 1 year. (As a baby is officially a baby under one year of age.) Our nutrition chart will be a great starting point for when to introduce a healthy baby.

Level 1

Level 2Level 3

Level 4

Level 5
kcal / day
800 850 - 900 900 950 - 1000 1000 - 1300

ml / day

1040-1240 1125-1210 1300 1200-1300 1100-155


they drink
(on demand breastfeeding)
they drink
(on demand breastfeeding)
they drink
(on demand breastfeeding)
they drink
(on demand breastfeeding)
they drink
(on demand breastfeeding)
infant followers
500 ml / day500 ml / day500 ml / day500 ml / day-
Frequency of meals
breast milk and diets / day
1Ч22Ч33Ч44Ч5 Ч5
Amount of food in ml / occasion180-210 210-230 240-250 250-300 300-350
pьrй / бttцrtбttцrt / piece
"finger food"
developmental morphs

he holds his head
- with the aid of ьl
- fingers in his mouth
- doubles it
birth weight
- Food, cannabis
arrow, if you're hungry
- one hand
to the other
- imitates a voice
- voice turns over
- eating slower if
well lived
- close your mouth,
it turns away if you lived well

- he starts to wake
- help without help
he pulls himself up

I'm in a situation
- food over rabbit,
if you're hungry
- excited when he saw food
and hungry
- spit on food,
if you lived well

- help without help
- Food on the side, if
- excited when he saw food
and hungry
- spit on food,
if you lived well

- бll
- he starts to come
- expresses the wisdom
- She eats flabby
with your finger
- gestures,
words no
tell me if you lived well /
he doesn't taste the food
- shake his head if
doesn't ask for more food

- Walk and run
- hen, fork,
glasses цnбllуan
- Drums and plays
with the time
- expresses his will,
if you are hungry / unwell / well populated

Source of the table: Kiskanál Kommandу KisokosNote that all sources of stress are calories, quantities, while the baby is developing well, and according to the pediatrician everything is fine. The table above is just another good point. But what does this look like in practice?What does the baby eat?

Diet for a 6 month old child

1 meal per day is present Usually non-breast milk / infant formula in the diet. Flesh / Cheese / Dairy / Egg Menu: Animal protein and iron are extremely important, and even fat (omega-3s are found in many fish). If the child eats green and fruit for months, unfortunately, he will not cover his needs. If you are following a special diet for your baby (diagnosed allergy / intolerance, vegetarianism, etc.), you should definitely consult a dietician, dietician, and pediatrician. Typically, the dishes are spicy, but by no means completely fluid.

Diet for a 7-8 month old child

you have already thicker poppies let's go over, guiding our baby gradually through the middle. Animal whites are also here (and important at all levels), but at this age, children typically eat 2-3 times (except in breast milk / infant formula).
Of these, 1 contains whites of animal origin, the rest can be green / fruit or cereal.

Diet for a 9-10 month old child

Can come to the Almost whole food with 3-4 meals a day (not in breast milk / infant formula). Of the latter 2 include animal white, the rest a piece of soft-cooked greens, a piece of soft fruit, possibly a soft muffin, baby bun.

11-12 month old child's diet

Kцrьlbelьl 5 meals a day (except breast milk / infant formula) needed and if the introduction of the substance was gradual and had no negative memory related to it (vomiting, reflux, exertional, overexposure, etc.), mkl. It is great if the 5 meals a day include meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) containing animal protein, as well as the daily consumption of dairy products, fruits and vegetables. The blogging Usually begins at this time, but don't give up: there are 15 times you need to rethink something before your child accepts it again. You may not eat what you ate today tomorrow, but this is just a temporary state - forcing is prohibited, can cause delays, delaying your child's enjoyment. Under the age of 1, drink clean water, not fruit juice or animal milk, or milk. Milk has never been recommended before the age of 1 and, like fruit, it loses its losing weight. Йs Extra care is important not just until the age of one, since the first birthday cake for your child does not change with the adult. Different needs, different training, and that is why they need to pay attention to nutrition.