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How does a woman's site come about? Who decides what article, what news, what photo to include on the page? What is a cinematographic photo? If you want to know the secrets of magazine editing, then you are in the Sanoma Media Academy Editing Course!

It is worth taking advantage of the time spent at home and enriching yourself with new knowledge. Starting in October, the Editorial Course offers insight into all Sanoma editorial staff. You can find out what Marie Claire's beauty pages are all about, participate in the women's page design, and look into the Cosmopolitan world. If you are interested in health, you are in the Health of Women page and in the editorial board of But we could go on: National Geographic, Elle, Surprise, Maxima… During the course you will get to know the main editors of pages, sites, see how magazines are made and how to edit an online page.
You can put yourself to the test in practice by following the best of the profession, as you can incorporate your choice into the daily work. Articles, press releases, proofreading, image selection.
The editorial course is led by Erika Vblyi-Nagy, editor of Pregnancy Magazine, and mother of three children. You can apply on the Sanoma Media website or at [email protected] email address!