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Why is my milk getting worse?

Little son V has grown well so far, but now breastfeeds much less frequently and milk has started to decline. What can be done in this case?

Why did my milk get less?

Kйrdйs: During the first month or so of the first month, I breastfeeded two or three times a week. Then I switched to my needs, so my baby is much more relaxed and happy. However, in the last one or two weeks, he or she finishes his or her urns smoothly during the day. After that, however, I realized that my milk started to decrease. If you are awake and curious, you may find that one of your mothers is breastfeeding and is still hungry, but there is no milk at all, and it is always hungry. What do I do better for him? If I really give it to me, will I wait until I wake up and not disturb my rest? Or better the middle ground? Weight: Born at three kilos, we took 2710 grams from the case, now round three months, and 5760 grams.We are sleeping outside, but there is a baby, so if I hear it, I will go right away, as if we had one. Or can sleep still be a problem? She sucks, sucks, shakes hands. Not only when she's hungry but also after breastfeeding, even if she's been pregnant. If I try to breastfeed in such a case, she'll be away from her for a few seconds and she won't be spanked. More recommend that at this time give her soother, but I'm afraid it interferes with breastfeeding. Is there any alternative to dummy or am I not so afraid of it?

The Response of Renata W. Ungvбry Breastfeeding Specialist

Dear Sun!
Sometimes I'm really unsure when to do the best with the baby. Do we regulate ourselves, or leave it all to breastfeeding, eating, sleeping? It is certain that your baby is developing well, and this period is characterized by a more relaxed, longer sleep. On the other hand, prolonged breastfeeding breaks can cause milk loss, especially if the breast storage capacity is relatively low, or if the mother is taking the pill at first. thinking about breastfeeding practice: How to increase the number of breastfeeding? Generally, it is helpful to group several breastfeeding items on some items on the agenda: for example, before and after bedtime, before and after sleep, and in a state of comfort. The latter also boosts the pacifier as it increases breastfeeding time and helps in more thorough milking. If you go with the more bulky ones, you will definitely want to humor a bit. If not, accept this, but it is not expedient to offer new alternatives, such as pacifiers. Perhaps they are more anxious about letting go, or just wanting to leave. When it comes to sleep and breastfeeding at night, the baby is unfortunately or fortunately unable to replace the mother's indirect body. The pupil is used to indicate dyspnoea and dehydration. However, the immediate proximity of the mother has many effects: the mother's and the baby's sleep cycles, wakes, become more common. A mother's body height encourages the baby's lifestyle. The supernatural choice of a mother's sleep allows her to respond to the baby's best wishes without the need to warn her about it. The proper frequency of breastfeeding is because long-term breastfeeding, one of the prerequisites for proper milk production. While we want you to sleep smoothly and as much as possible with your baby or toddler, this has its own cost, which is something you should not be aware of before deciding to sleep. It is also. Internal resistance, not accepting the situation can make things very difficult. However, the elevated prolactin levels during lactation it helps the mother relax and sleep. Again and again we wonder how well this is "invented"! If you consistently try to implement these steps, you will surely succeed more often on the breast. A good-developing baby would not disturb sleep, that is, I would not awaken, but I would try to change the conditions so as to facilitate more frequent breastfeeding, for example. One or two months later, there will be a more lively period in the life of most babies, so it will, in any case, be awakened many times. Not harmful, not dangerous, in fact, one of the important cornerstones of discovering one's own body. Giving Cum instead is superfluous, and even damaging, because it disturbs the baby in its act of instinct. You can read more about the causes of cumulation here!