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What is the earliest time?

Today there are several kindergartens where the daily routine includes linguistics, chess, computer science, karate, general education, and skating. Does this "early vocational training" benefit or benefit?


Most educators share the view: you should wait a bit! Early school language learning is not a bad thing, but it only makes sense if you have a continuation in school. You can read more about it here.
Learning a foreign language from a monolingual family is really a good time when your child is able to read, read or write - by the third grade. Two years from now, even if another language can be added to the curriculum, the baby's brain is good at speed - of course, with the right teaching method.

Listening to music in high school is enough for sophisticated music development


Kindergarten physical education, if you are a playmaker and not your goal of parenting sports, is good for the little ones. A kid's queen, a sail, with the help of a trained professional, will definitely increase the child's morale, resilience, but is only useful if the little ones enjoy it, and do not spend time in the pool, or spend time in the pool. The same goes for low school age.
At this age, the child's greatest need is play - if training is not training, but fun for the kid, it can be fun for the little ones (along with his or her activities). The time you take away from learning sports is not wasted. It may also be the case that regular exercise improves the certificate. Most sports (fall, martial arts specifically) use nerve-rays that are also necessary for learning.


The situation is similar with music learning. Before school, singing and listening to music is really enough to lay the groundwork for a music culture. Ovis solstice, the ovis flute, leaves little children with a lasting edge. The tiny ones are physically unsuitable for most musical instruments.
All in all, in the early years of kindergarten and school, the balanced development of smallness is not promoted by "outsiders". We have to deal with the difficulties of adaptation, with the uncertainty of the separation from the parent.
If your child is particularly interested in a particular area, please let us know, but be aware of our limitations - do not be overwhelmed with all the coaching, music or subject development. Young children need free play and older children also need the most lazy fun.