This is how you can fight nighttime coughing

There are several reasons why we cannot sleep soundly due to coughing for a longer period of time, without any other symptoms or signs of mental illness.

This is how you can fight nighttime coughingIn the background of the nighttime seizures, two frequent oculars and their treatment were dr. Comrade Ildikó lungs, allergologist said.

We share our beds with allergies

It may also be a sign of a cough allergy. The symptoms that occur at night can be caused by many allergies.
  • During the pollen season, our hair adheres to a lot of pollen during the sun. If we do not wash our hair in the evening, we get a large dose of pollen that causes allergic symptoms all night.
  • However, in our bed house dust mites also prefer to settle. They are particularly benefited by this because they consume dead human mast cells, and they can find a great deal of nutrition here. Since the microscopic size is not visible to the naked eye, its presence is only indicated by our allergic symptoms.
  • A cough attack at night can also be caused by a fungal allergy. Look around the bedroom if you have any such complaints. The windows around the corners and the corners of the northern wall, looking for stains and stains on the wall.
If we have a pet in the house, unfortunately, their presence can cause our symptoms, especially if the animal enters the bedroom.

What are the symptoms that can indicate allergies besides the cure?

- itching, relieving nose itching, runny nose, nasal congestionHint: If you are suspected of having an allergy, test yourself. An allergy test can help you determine what is causing your symptoms and provide you with a personalized treatment that can help you have a restful night. Of course, it is also recommended to use some home practices against allergies.
  • In case of pollen allergy, it is recommended to wash your hair every night during the season and change your pillowcases more often.
  • Keep your street clothes out of the bedroom, get rid of excess dust, such as newborns, stuff, and books in the living room.
  • Vacuum at least once a week with high performance, HEPA-filtered formulations.
  • Use non-allergenic linen that can be washed at 60 or 90 degrees. The bedding is washed weekly and the bedding is washed monthly at a high temperature. Above 60 degrees, dust mites die.
  • In the event of a pet allergy, do not let your pet enter the bedroom, or possibly the apartment.

Night attack in Chicago - symptom of asthma?

It can also be the result of an untreated allergy, but asthma can develop without allergies. Often you do not cough up, although typical asthma may be absent in the onset of asthma. Initially, the first symptom of asthma may be frequent nighttime seizures, dull coughing, rather than initially stressful chest tightness, spasmodic breathing.Hint: If you have symptoms suggestive of asthma, lung healing can help in the examination and treatment. In the first instance, you will definitely need a flame test. If your examination reveals that your symptoms are caused by asthma, your doctor will seek personalized treatment. With early treatment, our symptoms can be completely eliminated and our nightmares will not be disturbed by recurring cough attacks. Asthma cannot be cured, but it can be treated, and patients can achieve good quality of life, just like their healthy counterparts, with appropriate therapy. Nocturnal allergies and asthma can be caused by a number of causes. For example, you can take medicines for reflux, heart disease, or blood pressure lowering medicines, but it can also provoke coughing up the drainage of the pharynx due to chronic sinusitis. If you have complaints, seek medical attention, don't wait until your symptoms get worse!
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