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Domestic lack of vaccine against varicella

For several weeks there has been a shortage of vaccine against varicella. A vaccine manufacturer issued a statement to clarify the situation.

It is important to know that at home there are two vaccines produced in the pharmacies, which are usually recommended against varicella: a Varivax (MSD) and a Varilrix (GSK). As several media have reported, many did not get the vaccine against chickenpox. Parental markings are partially reinforced by the OGYЙI (National Institute for Pharmacy and Food Safety) system, where Varilrix indicates a defect in the substance. The situation is unlikely to change until the end of December. However the There is no signal for Varivax, although there have been reports of deficiencies in the vaccine in parents, pharmacists and pharmacists. We told you that the Varivax claim should be announced several weeks in advance to have the vaccine available at the right time. serving the needs of the market; we are confident that our wholesale partners will be able to meet the increased demand and that the supply of pharmacies will be smooth.

Since September, vaccination against varicella has been free for certain age groups

Few people know that 4.2 million cases of infections worldwide and 4,200 deaths worldwide are caused by varicella. In many countries, vaccination against varicella has been mandatory for many years, which can reduce the number of diseases by approximately 90 percent. From September this year, in Hungary, the vaccine will receive a compulsory vaccine against varicella (smallpox) for children aged between 13 and 16 months, which is the two vaccines given above by Varivax (MSD). The goal with early vaccination is to get the child protected before he or she is brought into contact with the community, to prevent pimple rabies in kindergarten, wilderness, and school.There was a shortage of vaccine against one of the chickenpox