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By the end of next year, you will be able to study in Budapest's first container class

In several capitals, first grade students can begin teaching in a container classroom. So solve the problem of hiring.

According to the Nephew reports, more First Class students in Budapest could start teaching in container classrooms next year. Tanker districts are already planning to purchase, and the need to upgrade their campus is due to a change in the Law on Education, which will require all children over the age of six by August 31.Next year you can study in Budapest's first ever container classroom (photo: iStock) Vice-president of the Pedagogical Trade Union told the newspaper that "This case also shows that a rushed, thoughtless decision-maker is born, not knowing if there will be a place for six-year-olds in every school." The union estimates more than one first begins the class.
  • It is not known who will decide on the commencement requests
  • You may be left behind who starts school early
  • Vote for Alternative Education Poor Education Plan