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Did you get cut in that easy place too?

Is there really a need for a surgical incision, or is it just easier for doctors? Although the literature does not support routine sectional application, the most interesting thing is the way in which the baby is done.

Were you killed in that easy place?

If this question applies to you, read what other experiences you have gained!

Lighter with yoga and gothic muscle

We have two little girls. All of my pregnancies were smooth, the first baby was born a week earlier, the other one week later after the date. In both cases, I went to a maternity gym, pregnant mommy, and regularly performed exercises for the muscles of the gums. I've been feeling good fun since my first birth, and have helped a lot in my recovery after childbirth. I did not disturb the seam at all, the wound did not bother, I suckled smoothly for several days. Two weeks later, there was no sign of it. She was born far more than she was born on September 25, 2007 - 15 hours after Csenge - and also at St. Imre's Kourrhaz, 3790 grams and 56 cents. They tried to use a nail barrier, but since their two birth dates were close together, and Vill was a much bigger baby, I cracked. Although this wound soon healed, the uneven wound was very poor, too. After that, there was a much greater need for gothic muscle training than the first. I believe that if this area is not well prepared for the great task and rightfulness that parenting means, then problems can arise after a difficult birth. At the gutter, the wound edges align well, making it easier to restore the original state. Now we are expecting our third child, doing everything as I did before, and I'm sure nothing will go wrong.
B. nй

Why should I stop if it is possible anyway?

Afterwards I was able to get up right away, not bleed so much, I didn't have to endure the stitching pain, and I had no problem. I could pee, it didn't hurt to live, after a couple of hours I felt like I hadn't been born. My little incontinence during pregnancy has gone away after childbirth, and I don't think it would be much easier to have a baby because of birth control - on the contrary!

Bail protection three times

I am a mother of three, and I was born with defenses every time. The first one, who was 2800 grams, the middle, who was 3620 grams, and the small-cocked Ilonbaam, who arrived at 2940 grams. I didn't have a problem after either birth, and every time I scratched the postgraduate course without scratching. I think it's important for the pelvic floor muscles to be hardened. What keeps them in training? Well love! And Meg Kriston's intimate gymnast, the Kegel exercises and the belly button. Single-handed puppets are essential, most experienced in this operation. Damage massage / Damage oil can also help a lot. Trust in the helpers is essential for complete relaxation. Relaxation can be practiced, along with the associated breathing technique.My acquaintances say, except for a rare exception, this "small" operation is not necessary. The exercise does not obstruct or prevent muscle extension. I recommend it to you Noll Andrea a holistic puppet thesis on breast surgery, the title: Ajtуstul at the Gate of Life is over. You will definitely find it on The reason why doctors insist on this operation is, to me, inconceivable, thank goodness my doctor did not insist.

Avoidance is not fashionable in the country

I'm a 34 year old mother with a child. I have also heard the opinion that it is better to have a baby. Plus, she's a health mom with multiple kids. My first two beasts came out with a cross-section. It was wonderful to have them short and easy to recover after I got tired. In the middle, I have a very nice, competent doctor, and here too no big "fashion" in defense. It turned out that when my son was born, we were just living in Pest, and I was going home for a while, after the 33rd week, I was looking for a doctor in Pest who started by not thinking about the third child seriously. Surprised by this, but I was very scared! Because my son was big enough for my size, I was preparing to get it done. My childhood was good, my little son helped me, and I tried to take care of me. Then when he came out and I saw him, he was in the midst of grace. And the baby girl congratulated and laughed and said that you can have a big baby without a cut! My husband barely wanted to believe he was successful. I got up much faster. Already from the parent's side, I called the family and I had nothing wrong with the light. Then we moved home again and went to baby again. When I became pregnant, it was natural for me to visit my old doctor. One of my first questions was whether they could be born in defense. Doctor ъ said we would try it. Rehearsal has become the most beautiful birth of my life. My little girl has come to the world without any intervention. My doctor and her baby were just there and allowed my baby to have my baby nicely. I did not ask for an appointment, shaving, and my dear doctor in this "non-baby-friendly" house kindly welcomed my requests. She quietly watched her parents gratefully congratulate her on the beautiful score. It's been about a year, and if I can, I woke up sooner than before. I have no problems with urinary incontinence, nor has sex protection caused problems in my life. Everything in the country!

EDA and protection

I gave birth to my first child on September 21, 2006. Like all my first baby mothers, I also wanted to know about parenting, because I didn't know what to prepare for, and I didn't dwell on my baby's life. that it would be possible to give birth to a dam because I thought it was so natural that they would be done. The birth was nice, slowly, but I was exhausted. Throughout the night's sleep, my power was very low. I couldn't push it, so my doctor used the help of his colleague to get the baby out of me. Neither did it arise in me, I do not think it was necessary to cut the dam. I got a very bad and very painful wound which I still had to ice for a week after birth. It was hard for me to recover, and two or three weeks passed before I was able to live properly. My second child was born on the morning of December 24, 2008, and came for a real Christmas present. Now, on the advice of my parents, I received an EDA, which I did not regret at all. My doctor and I discussed that if possible, she would be born with ambulance. I didn't want to go through the pain and horror that I had after my first birth. Although it was not a pleasant sensation to support the dam, then I was not interested at all, because I knew my baby boy would arrive soon. I did not suffer any grief. It was an uplifting sensation that I could comfortably, without all the pain, be overcome. Although my dick was slightly swollen, it did not interfere with movement or body movement. After experiencing dehydration, I now know how much your heart rate and how much you help your doctor and baby during childbirth!

Lightning and shielding

Egyйrtelmыen I think it is more convenient for doctors to have abecause they can still avoid having to explain why they haven't been cut, if they have cracked, they have done the butt and then they have done everything. It's also simpler than protecting the dam. It is unfair to frighten a baby about what's going to happen if they don't die, for example, the vagina expands, drips urine, and so on, just as it is in pregnancy, first and foremost. On the other hand, I think that male doctors are more inclined to do: they do not know what a woman can do if she is split up, blemished, of course, and then it is very old and the baby is very damaged. but for months, really, I was really afraid that if I go to the bathroom, I wouldn't want my first love, but I didn't really feel cold, I felt the stitches, and it was funny too and one was a lord from the first coyote, the other three lord, so we might believe I was going to crack because of the speed. From the first minute of my childbirth, it was as if I had not been born. It was psychologically better, I didn't feel sad. And I could hardly wait to see the bleeding. I think it is clear that you have to give birth to a baby, you have to leave the baby for something that will help you in case of an emergency (tooth, vacuum). But it is routine to kill fire. Normally there is no benefit.
Krisztina Йder

The crack quickly healed

I would have liked to give birth too, I read a lot about my baby before my first birth. Our first child was born two years ago in Komozo, Slovakia with the help of a nice young doctor. I opened slowly, so after a long struggle we were forced to push it out. There, I told the doctor that he would be very crazy if he didn't have to undergo an incision and he just smiled and immediately said that he would definitely need it. She didn't give birth when she was going to do it, and she did it with a pusher, and I was so annoyed that I was surprised. I knew what this terrible pain was ... Thank you so much, I'm not asking for it! It was very bad. His aftermath healed, but after six weeks the first one with my foreman was awful. One year later, I felt like everything was old. After the second birth, two years later, there was a resting doctor who, after being taken out, said that he would not need to be cut. What am I, I thought, just don't cut it again. That's what I was most fond of during my entire birth. By the fourth-fifth press, my baby was born, and I really cracked a bit over the end, but nothing happened. Stitched, I only felt the last one. That was unpleasant. However, I could survive much sooner, and the wound healed more easily. And it didn't take a year for sex to go well…

You wake up soon!

I gave birth to two children. I struggled with incontinence in the first hospital, with a sectional graft - which continued, and then for a long time. I needed a very persistent intimacy to solve my problem. The second one was born at home - with my boyfriend providing protection on the basis of telephone instructions because the baby did not get there - but since then I have no problem.I did all of these during and after my intimacy, so I just got ready to have no problem. We also went to a locally organized course and were scolded by saying that if there was no cut, then everything could happen. First of all I believed, then not. I was in contact with two doctors during my trial. They both waved at their request for a cut: what's the little cut? Well yes, they don't do it with us. Once a muscle is twisted and then sewn together, it will never work the way it has ever been. Based on my experience, if you give birth to a barrier, you will get up sooner. There are no painful stitches and no pain when it is narrowed. I didn't get "bigger" with birth control! After my first birth, I had to ice my gums for weeks because I was so tired, and slowly growing old, I could feel the changes in the weather. Our sex life has become almost zero. Today I know that my faith in women has diminished what I was doing then. With the second birth I got my wife back, I enjoy the time again! I know more about birth defenses, there are some who have children, and none of them have a problem.But lying is almost inevitable due to positioning, but if you are free to choose a parenting position, SzilviaRelated articles:
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