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Possible Causes of Dull ColdWhat's wrong with Nephath?

We can get the most of the time with severe nasal discharge, nasal congestion, and bad feeling. In a good case, we'll get rid of it without even more treatment in a week, but what if I don't?

Dr. Gyula Fülöpi nasopharynx, the physician of the nasal necrosis center discussed what might cause our healing to become very hot.

You're not sleeping enough

Most often heal between 3 and 7 days, assuming you don't live with your previous life, that is, to go to work, go to school, run a household. The healing needs primarily rest, especially in the first three days. Not only does our immune system need it to fight infections, but research has also shown that those who sleep a little more often become ill.
Even if we can't sleep 7-8 hours a day, we shouldn't regret spending time relaxing if we feel sick!

You consume little liquid

In addition to sleep, the amount of daily fluid needed is usually only a small amount, though we still need it more during illness. If our throat is heavy and we have difficulty swallowing, if we are cold, to avoid spreading, drink it. Fluids also need to be able to exert their effects properly with cognitive agents and anti-cathetics. Do not consume caffeine-containing beverages, as these cause us to lose more fluid than we consume in our bodies. Drink tea, water, soups, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices.

You worry a lot

Since the end of the year, many may have had a very stressful time. In times of stress, the immune system cannot function effectively enough to deal with the body's pathogens. This makes it easier for us to get sick and to heal more easily.Stress and insomnia delay healing

You're not taking the right medicine

Contrary to popular belief, taking high doses of vitamins, herbal drops and candies is not a panacea, nor does it eliminate one week from the other. Just like unnecessary antibiotics, they are equally ineffective when they are caused by viruses and not by bacteria.

You're not suffering from the drug but because of your side effects

"Especially when it comes to sachet-like hot drinks, which are reminded of the tea, Fülöp Gyцrgyi. "Because of this, nasal congestion or recurrent nasal bleeding, stinging, dry skin may also occur. There is no need to treat the underlying disease any longer, but it is not necessary to treat it properly."

You're not treating the right illness

Symptoms similar to those of nano may also be caused by allergies to fever. If you have been burning for weeks, your nose is stuffy, you might want to think about it. During this period, they cause symptoms of allergies inside the home - house dust mites, molds, or possibly domestic animals. Chronic inflammation of the face can cause feverish complaints, but can also cause coughing in the back of the pharynx if the nasal congestion causes the nasal passages to fall back and the throat is directed. If your week is longer than a week, you should seek medical attention!
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