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How much do you breastfeed?

How much do you breastfeed?

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According to some calculations, a baby should take 150 grams of formula or breast milk per kilogram of body weight.

How much do you breastfeed?

Unfortunately, the most common method of abstaining from breast milk is to always measure how much the baby has sucked, and then to miss the "ration" of the baby, and to breastfeed it only three times. there are few babies who, at regular intervals, eat just as much as they should by this counting method. The best way to decide if breast milk is enough is to look at your baby's growth. From the day you reach your birth weight, we expect at least 12.5 decas weekly growth in the first three months. However, the majority of babies breastfeed much less at certain times of the day, even as they are urns. Ezйrt there is no point in asking how much the baby should suck at one time.Usually, you can observe a smaller amount in the evening urns, but in this case the milk is slightly more caloric than in the morning.
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