Special zoo garden

Special zoo garden

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Did you know how the lions or the people of Madagascar's house rest at night? Have you ever seen polar bears in the backstage? What special fish do aquariums hide?

All of this could now be seen by the Montice Zoological Garden participants who, celebrating with Montice, were able to get closer to nature, animals, safety, and specialist animal care.
In 2012, Mona Hungary Kft., A distributor of Montice dairy products, was able to acquire the Golden Lion Dna from the Budapest Animal and Garden Foundation. The Foundation first awarded the Golden Lion Prize through the Budapest Zoo to those outstanding partners who have made the most of the Budapest Animal and Botanical Garden with the exception of a royalty. The award-winning company and zoo look back over several years, Mona Hungary, with its Montice dairy brand, helps support the work of the Budapest Zoo and the Botanical Garden. The 5th year of the brand is now Cloé, a lion breeder who is a grown-up young adult himself, 'Fuck-mook', an active zoo show, has a cheerful smile and a smile on his face. The Montana branded Mona Hungary Kft. Has organized an exciting VIP zoo tour for its award-winning partners on October 12, 2012. Attendees had the opportunity to admire the recently enchanted Magic Mountain, the kids were entertained with quiz games and 3D short films. The vendors could taste the delicious Montice products, and then the experts could see for a moment how the zoo was sleeping, what happened after the closure, behind the scenes.
The Alapнtvбnnyal йs the Бllatkerttel the йvek sorбn the Montice szбmos rendezvйny kapcsбn work you have already egyьtt, pйldбul the йvente kйtszer megrendezйsre kerьlх Nevelхszьlх Talбlkozуn where lбtogatуk йs kids always talбlkozhattak the Cloй fуkбval йs йs Montice slices often ьzemeltetve цnбllу бllomбst also segнtettйk the program. The Mona Hungary szбmбra the egйszsйges tбplбlkozбs elkцtelezettjekйnt the йlхvilбg the бllatok the egйszsйges йletvitelhez organically kapcsolуdnak, нgy the Бllatkert munkбja szбmukra as edukбciуs tevйkenysйget ellбtу organization kiemelkedх jelentхsйgы which forms termйszetes szцvetsйget the Mona Hungary Kft. Felelхs tevйkenysйgйvel йs tбrsadalmi szerepvбllalбsбval.