Want to know how common your leadership name is?

Did you know that 140,000 Big in Egypt and 2,400 in Kovacs live in Brazil? See where in the world your name is most common!

In Hungary, family names in the 13th-14th centuries century, and can be derived from occupation, place names, or first names. It is not uncommon for leaders from nationalities to have names, but most often we have the names Big, Kovács, Tuth, Sabou and Croatian. But from the Forebears database of 11 million names, we not only find that our family of deceived people can be found in Hungary, we also get information that how much we can find inside the world.This page shows in an interactive way how many of the searched names are registered in a given country, how often the name is searched worldwide, and in the case of Hungarian names, we can find out the short meaning of it.Click here!They may also be interested in:
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