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Baby Dove 5 Tips for Baby Skin Care (X)

We know there is no good or bad parent - just your way. That's why we created Baby Dove to help you take care of your baby on this exciting but sometimes scary journey.

From birth, we will be there to help with our skin care expertise. You know what's best for Him, and we help to give the skin the fragility it needs. Just trust yourself and we will be there to support you. Because baby skin is thin and delicate, it is worthwhile to use fragile products specifically designed for them, to cleanse and polish their skin and hair. We are confident that our products will help you feel confident in your choice of leather goods.

1. Poly Effective Products

Babies' skin is still developing, losing moisture more quickly than adult skin, which can lead to the drying out of small skin. The weak, hypoallergenic Baby Dove Rich Moisture Body Lotion nourishes and helps smooth the delicate baby skin.

2. Weakness

Baby Dove Rich Moisture Bath is perfect for your baby's delicate skin. Its rich, creamy foam is not only weak, but helps to nourish the skin with nutrients that you can lose in the bath so your baby's skin can remain soft and silky.

3. Easy to use

Are you worried about the product being attracted to your baby? Use our lightweight, eye-tested Baby Dove Rich Moisture Shampoo.

4. Non-alcoholic

Looking for a baby cloth that is perfect for your little fine leather? Baby Dove Rich Moisture Wet Wipes are non-alcoholic, as weak as pure water, and help keep baby skin soft.

5. Customized skin care

If your baby's skin is sensitive, you should pay more attention to what products you use. That's why we created the Sensitive Moisture product line. Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Bath is a fragrance-free and highly sensitive skin, so bathing is not about being nervous anymore, but about happy, fun games!