One of the most interesting twin couples in the world: one white, the other black

The trick is genetics. What happened to these twins, at least, is really incredible.

Normally, when two people have a common child, the baby is in roughly the same amount of gays from the mother and the father. People always say you are like my mother. But as I grow older, I look more and more like I'm my father. My smile is at least a ove, but when I look at my mother, it is clear that I am her baby. The same is true with my brother. What is interesting, though, is that both of our parents have brown eyes, both my brother and I are blue. How is that possible? Babies may also inherit the genes that their parents had inherited from them, but were hidden from them. Well, isn't genetics fantastic?

Andrew Balasco and his family

When this mixed couple she learned she was pregnant with twins, stunned. No wonder, because it is a little shocking for you to take care of a baby instead of a baby. The day the twins were born, they were surprised by another surprise, a surprise that ultrasound cannot detect. Their body was born with light skin, but their son was darker. This is very rare, but not impossible. Can you imagine how many strange questions parents have to answer day in and day out?Also read these:
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